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It is reported that the 2018 Ningbo International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition will be held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 1. It is learned that the exhibition will open exhibition hall 2/3 of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, with an exhibition area of 30000 square meters

the exhibition has received the full support of many brand manufacturers at home and abroad; Ningbo Color Masterbatch, Hangzhou Chemical Research Institute, Shandong Lutai group, Ningbo Delong, Wuxi Changhong, Liaoning Xinda, Liaoning Jinju, Taizhou Yuelong, Qingdao Bonnie, Jiangsu Liansheng, Fujian Kangda, Fujian Xuyi, Jiaxing Beihua, lestrez, Ningbo Shuangma, Ningbo Qinchuan, Nanjing mianya, Yuyao Huacheng, Shenzhen xinjinli and other new materials, new equipment and new technology enterprises; The products on display include: Engineering, modified plastics, recycled plastics, color masterbatch, chemical additives, injection molding machine, extruder, rubber equipment, packaging equipment 6. The motor source of spring fatigue test should be reliably grounded; The frequency fluctuation shall not exceed 2% of the rated frequency. Pelletizer, feeder, mixer, manipulator, hot runner, mold monitor, rubber and plastic detection and other relevant auxiliary equipment can improve the high-end supply capacity

closely follow the development trend of rubber and plastic industry to facilitate on-site visitors to visit and purchase. The exhibition is divided into areas according to the contents of exhibits; Four exhibition areas are summarized: engineering plastics/modified plastics/recycled plastics, chemical raw materials and additives, plastic machinery and intelligent auxiliary equipment, rubber industry and elastomer, and plastic recycling

the organizer has opened the audience pre registration service for the convenience of merchants; The top 1000 registered merchants will enjoy VIP treatment, free of the worry of on-site registration and queuing, and will also provide hotel accommodation free of charge

pre registration channel:

Exhibition Service: 42. Metal material experimental instruments


Grinding and Polishing
MP-260E GRINDING AND Polishing Machine
MP-160E Grinding Machine
Metallographic Specimen Grinding Polishing Machine

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