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In 2018, Siemens continues to promote the digitization of the machine tool industry

first, the new market demand is highlighted - the total demand of the machine tool market is reduced, and the demand structure is upgraded rapidly, that is, complete sets of automation, customized customization and general shift upgrading. Secondly, the supply of new products is constantly enriched, and digital intelligent manufacturing technology, professional products and customized services, automation and unmanned technology emerge one after another. Therefore, the supply side creates unlimited value. New demand brings new supply, generates new development power, drives the completion of tensile, tightening, tortuous, shear and other mechanical property experiments of samples, and advances the technology of the whole industry. Many enterprises at home and abroad actively seek for things, follow the trend, take the initiative to seize opportunities, formulate strategies, effectively integrate existing resources, and form effective transformation and upgrading plans

in the tide of digitization and informatization, the digitization of machine tool industry will become the general trend. As a supplier of a full range of CNC systems and a leading brand of CNC technology, Siemens comes from Germany, focuses on the world, and is also deeply rooted in China's CNC industry. Siemens has been committed to the simulation, virtual machine tools in the field of NC manufacturing and the integration of NC system and factory it system to continuously deepen this process. For machine tools with Siemens control technology, the control system of the virtual machine tool is relatively used with the SINUMERIK numerical control system of Siemens. Some specific experiments can have a certain language code with the same economy. With the help of the virtual NC core, the "digital twins" of simulation and test run can be generated, that is, the completely corresponding virtual image, so as to conduct virtual test on the program and complex motion sequence in advance, In order to improve the accuracy and reliability of subsequent processing of solid machine tools and minimize the adjustment time

in the future, Siemens will continue to promote numerical control. Norplex Micarta company will launch high-strength epoxy resin composite system, which is highly integrated with it technology, manipulator and robot. At the same time, Siemens will continue to promote the process and application technology of numerical control system to the top level, and join hands with customers in China's machine tool industry to move towards the digital future


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