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How about the evaluation of 2018 new Kaiyue projector K60 projector? Where is Hyatt projector produced?

Hyatt 2018 new projector recommendation: Hyatt K60 projector home HD wireless WiFi theater 1080p intelligent portable small projector, what is the specific function of this projector, OK? Let's take a look at the user evaluation experience and the introduction of advantages and disadvantages. I hope it can be used as a reference for friends in need. The new net profit is 144 million yuan

I. user experience evaluation of K60 projector of Kaiyue projector:

1. The effect of the projector is no problem at night, and the light is strong or not during the day. If you only watch it at night, it is absolutely OK. It is very convenient to directly connect to WiFi. Lying in the bedroom watching TV is much better than watching TV in the living room. You can download the latest version at any time. It doesn't hurt your eyes. It's really good that a projector of 500 or 600 yuan can achieve this effect. It hasn't been a few days since I got the machine. Many functions haven't been tried yet. on the whole. Still good Start with Kaiyue projector for one month and share your experience

2. The effect exceeds expectations! It's very good. I didn't expect that more than 500 pieces can buy such a product effect. It's just arrived today. It's just installed at noon. It's also very clear during the day, not to mention at night. Ha ha, customer service if small and medium-sized enterprises cut into high nickel lines, the service is also very good, very patient, answer and solve problems quickly. I'm ready to try again for a period of time and buy another set for my family. It's highly recommended! Unfortunately, the projection height is not high enough now

3. To be honest, the expectation was high at the beginning, and it was hoisted immediately after it was obtained. As a result, the position could not be adjusted clearly. Later, under the guidance of customer service, it was raised on the table, and finally a satisfactory effect was achieved. Friends said that hundreds of pieces had this effect. 2. Where was the Hyatt projector produced?

Hyatt projector is Shenzhen, The manufacturer is: Shenzhen huayoute Trading Co., Ltd.

III. Kaiyue projector K60 projector advantages and disadvantages:

advantages: 1 The price is low, and the price of several hundred yuan makes the same size LCD TV ashamed. 2. The functions are complete, and various interfaces and functions of the projector have been integrated. 3. Small size. Although it has no advantage over pocket level micro projector, it is absolutely small compared with light bulb machine. 4. It is easy to use, and the fuselage also integrates the proper buttons. Unlike many micro projectors on the market, they rely on remote controls

disadvantages: the text effect is poor and the brightness is falsely high (the nominal brightness is 4500 lumens, but compared with my other 2000 lumen micro projector, the brightness is only about two-thirds), and the workmanship needs to be improved


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