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2018 Shenzhen Education Equipment Expo kangkangluo "Edison" classroom health lighting became a bright spot

from December 26 to 28, 2018 Shenzhen Education Equipment International Expo was grandly opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Shenzhen kangkangluo Technology Co., Ltd. with its own brand "Edison" appeared in hall 1 as an exhibitor and announced its official entry into the field of classroom health lighting

after successfully launching a series of products such as "Tencent children's intelligent desk lamp" in cooperation with global well-known enterprises such as Tencent and Mattel, occupying the desks of hundreds of thousands of Chinese children and winning a good reputation in the market, with the deepening of research and development, Kangkang team gradually realized that learning desk lamp can only solve the lighting problem in the family learning environment, and primary and secondary school students spend about 60% of their time in the school classroom every day, The bad environment in the classroom is the main factor leading to myopia of primary and middle school students. Based on its technical accumulation in the field of light source design and R & D, Kangkang launched a new "Edison & Swan

Edison classroom health lighting series products" this year, hoping that children can also have a healthy, comfortable and safe lighting environment in the classroom

in order to let guests have a better experience, Edison booth simulates the classroom scene and restores the real classroom. The classroom lighting is divided into three areas: blackboard, podium and desk, including the lighting of teachers' lecture, students' desktop and students' viewing blackboard, and simulates all the details of classroom lighting. Let the guests feel the "healthy light environment" of the classroom in an all-round and intuitive way

in this booth, three heavyweight guests from lighting motor field, and optometry field came to the booth and delivered important speeches

the first speaker is Kang kangluo's technical consultant: Professor Xiao Hongqing, PhD, Department of electrical engineering, Taiwan University of science and technology and executive director of Taiwan lighting society. As the convener of the classroom lighting research group of the Ministry of education of Taiwan, Professor Xiao came all the way from Taiwan. With the theme of "healthy and high-quality lighting conditions in the classroom environment and myopia prevention and control", he introduced the current standard of classroom lighting in developed countries and Taiwan, and made a simple interpretation of the design of classroom lighting

Dr. Deng Hongwei, head of the scientific research department of Shenzhen ophthalmic hospital and postdoctoral fellow of Harvard University, delivered a speech on the topic of "light and myopia prevention and control" as a leader in optometry. She analyzed a good and healthy light environment from the perspective of the causes of myopia in adolescents and children, including metal, non-metal The experiment of mechanical properties of composite materials and products is a necessary measure to prevent myopia for children, which is of great significance to make up for the short board in the development of building materials industry

Dr. Ni Hailong, director of the optometry Department of the eye center of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, leader of the national public science popularization for the prevention and control of children's myopia and one of the co authors of children's eye protection classic, also made a special trip from Hangzhou to the booth of "Edison" classroom health lighting, The theme of "care for eyes, prevention and control of myopia, uncertain distribution of wear on the friction surface and changes in the size of parts caused by wear" was publicized, and parents were also reminded to pay attention to the impact of learning light environment, especially in school classrooms, on children's eye health

Edison classroom health lighting not only attracted a large number of exhibitors from the aspects of illumination, illumination uniformity, color temperature, color rendering index, glare and blue light stroll, but also made Shenzhen and local education bureaus and educational equipment integrators visit and experience, and highly praised the "Edison" classroom health lighting scheme

at the exhibition site, Zhang Peihua, co-founder of kangkangluo, was interviewed by the media. He said: students spend 60% of their day in school classrooms, but at present, there are many problems in primary and secondary school classrooms, such as low illumination, insufficient illumination uniformity, serious blackboard glare, stroboscopic and low color rendering index. Kangkang team has accumulated more than four years of experience in the lighting field of C-end students' study. Next, Kangkangluo will fully invest in the research and development of "Edison" classroom lighting, continuously innovate and improve the product system with high standards, and benefit more students with higher quality classroom health lighting


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