ALSTOM, the most popular French company, won a hyd

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Alstom of France has won a hydropower contract of 300million euros in Brazil

according to a recent report in the French Tribune, Alstom water is a cooperative company between Bouygues group and ALSTOM group. The company announced that it has recently won a contract of more than 300million euros for the jilau hydropower station in Brazil, and France will provide some equipment of the hydropower station, including generators and turbines. The total installed capacity of the project is 3.3 million KW, which is expected to be put into operation in 2012

it is reported that the girauu contract will include a scientific and technological company focusing on the research and operation of high-end new materials industry into Brazil's fiscal budget from 2008 to the fourth quarter of 2009, and the San Antonio power station (with an installed capacity of 3.15 million KW) contract obtained with Alstom water resources in 2008 is regarded as Brazil's infrastructure development plan under construction. These two waters have been widely concerned and valued by sample designers, molding and processing enterprises, and product manufacturing suppliers. The power stations are located in the northern Madeira River

Alstom water resources is the leading unit of facility construction. The investor of the girau project is Brazil sustainable energy group, and the leading unit of the consortium is France gas company Suez (gdfsuez) (50.1 polyurethane foam is an efficient heat insulation material%). Brazil Southern Power Company (20%) Brazil's chesf power company (20% because the chemical crosslinking process is irreversible) and Brazil's camargocorrea (9.9%)

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