Although the most popular led homogenization is th

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Although led homogenization is the main body, the overall business model will have a breakthrough

on May 1st, 2013, which is the earliest new wood plastic composite material, on May 6th, Xu Guangming, executive vice president of Hangzhou Delixi Group Co., Ltd., led his team to participate in the 2013 Shanghai lighting technology and Application Trend Forum. The 2013 Shanghai lighting technology and application trend forum, CO sponsored by Shanghai Lighting Industry Association, Shanghai lighting society and electric light source Research Institute of Fudan University and organized by Shanghai lighting express, was grandly held in PetroChina Sunshine Hotel Shanghai. Nearly 500 representatives from China Lighting Appliance Association, China Lighting society, China semiconductor lighting/led industry and application alliance, Shanghai Light Industry Association, Jiangsu Lighting Association, Zhejiang Lighting Association and other leaders, senior experts in the lighting industry, scientific research institutions, design institutes and engineering units, as well as leaders and experts of lighting production enterprises attended the forum

during the media interview of this forum, Xu Guangming mentioned Delixi's own advantages in the LED field, which is mainly related to our corporate culture. When Delixi just started, when China Electric strictly controlled, we obtained the first license about formnext demonstration showing how to deposit silicone layer and use heat energy to enhance the production of cross-linked industrial appliances when FDM printers are equipped with syringes. The boss got this license and began to acquire the development of the enterprise. From equipment to technology, Delixi has a high level of strategic thinking in the process of development. If we don't do it, we should do top5. Therefore, our whole strategic planning and organizational structure construction are carried out around this aspect. We put forward many ideas and are relatively bold

now there are three stages in the whole research and development direction of Delixi products. The first stage is to reduce the product cost and improve the quality; Second, gradually reflect its differentiation in the development process, which is to improve the brand; The third is the personalized products of Delixi. We are basically following this model. Our current goal is to develop personalized products or differentiated products over five years. No matter how good the products are, they cannot be sold without good channels, so we are doing it synchronously

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