Although the hottest aluminum market has a good st

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Although the aluminum market has made a good start, it still needs to be vigilant against the risk of decline

the National Bureau of statistics of China and the China Federation of logistics and purchasing jointly released that the PMI of China's manufacturing industry was 51.0 in December 2013, and has begun to take shape. It has become an emerging industry, which has been above the critical point for 15 consecutive months, but it has fallen back 0.4 month on month, and the previous market expectation was 51.2. This is the first month on month decline in manufacturing PMI since June 2013. Although December slowed down compared with November, it remained above the overall average level of the third quarter, which means that the recovery trend of China's manufacturing industry has remained unchanged since July this year. Today, the base metal market was not significantly affected by the data, and the aluminum market had a good start

on the spot market: the mainstream transactions in Shanghai are at yuan/ton, the discount is 50 yuan/ton - the discount is 40 yuan/ton, the mainstream transactions in Wuxi are at yuan/ton, and the mainstream transactions in Hangzhou are at yuan/ton. The downstream receiving is cautious. Today's transactions are mostly concentrated among middlemen, and the overall market situation has not warmed up. The aluminum ingot Market in South China is gradually bullish, so the quotation of the owner can be firm at 14330 yuan/ton, and the intraday price tends to move up. Today, the overall market activity has increased

on the futures market: on Tuesday, London Aluminum opened at $1823, the highest point was $1825, and coke in Hebei region was down 30, the lowest point was $1792.5, and finally closed at $1800.25, down $21.75, or 1.19%. LME is closed for the new year on Wednesday. In today's Asian trading session, Lun aluminum opened low and went high, with a strong rebound momentum. The resistance level was around $1820, while the support level temporarily moved up to around $1780. On Thursday, the 1404 contract of the new main force of Shanghai aluminum opened at 13965 yuan, with the highest point at 14045 yuan and the lowest point at 13950 yuan, and finally closed at 14040 yuan, up 65 yuan or 0.47% from the settlement price of the previous trading day. The main force of Shanghai aluminum opened low and went high, closing a big positive line. The front line of 13960 yuan provides support, and the rising space is limited, and the resistance above 14100 yuan is large. It is expected that the main force of Shanghai aluminum will be around 14040 yuan in the evening trading today, and the empty space above 14100 yuan is temporarily difficult to open in terms of 3D printers. Today ushered in the first trading day of 2014. Although the aluminum price rose, there was a stagflation signal. On the whole, just after new year's day, the weekend will come again, and the market trading is still relatively light. It is expected that the speculative atmosphere is still cautious, and the pattern of external strength and internal weakness may continue. It is suggested to wait and see from 2011 to 2018

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