Although the demand of the hottest Middle East flu

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Although the demand in the Middle East fluctuates, the market outlook is still promising

"in the next few years, landglass's high-end glass tempering equipment will win more opportunities in the Middle East market."

recently, operator LAN: the salesperson of landglass, the administrator, successfully concluded the business negotiation activities at gulfglass2011 International Glass Industry Exhibition and returned smoothly. When talking about the exhibition, he made the above speculation

gulfglass2011 was held in Abu Dhabi, the industrial and cultural center of the United Arab Emirates, for four days. It is understood that although the current situation in the Middle East is not clear and the demand fluctuates, many well-known glass machinery enterprises in Europe and the United States, such as Glaston, Baichao, lisek, etc., have come to g to dynamically display the load value, displacement value, deformation value, experimental curve, etc. 2ulfglass2011 to show their technologies and products. This shows that even if the current situation is not clear, the market in the Middle East is still valued by manufacturers in various countries

from the conversations with customers at the exhibition, Randy's salesperson believes that the existing glass tempering equipment in the Middle East is about to enter a new round of upgrading, so Randy's high-end tempering equipment will usher in a golden period of large-scale entry into the Middle East market in the next few years

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