Cummins donated 3million yuan to support epidemic

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Tongxin war "epidemic" – Cummins donated 3million yuan to support epidemic prevention and control, internal and external cooperation to rescue the front line of epidemic prevention

Tongxin war "epidemic" – Cummins donated 3million yuan to support epidemic prevention and control, internal and external cooperation to rescue the front line of epidemic prevention

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in recent days, the epidemic of pneumonia infected by covid-19 has affected people. On February 2, Cummins China announced an early donation of 3million yuan to contribute to the fight against the epidemic with the Chinese people. Cummins will cooperate with the China Women's development foundation to ensure that donations are used for the purchase of materials related to the fight against the epidemic and to support the protection of daily necessities for medical staff, front-line staff and poor patients in Hubei and other places. At the same time, Cummins institutions in China, including Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company and Chongqing Cummins engine company, are also actively donating money and materials to support the prevention and control of pneumonia infected by covid-19

since the outbreak of the epidemic, Cummins has always given top priority to the health and safety of employees and their families, and actively took measures to protect the health and safety of employees. At the same time, Cummins also actively cooperates with industry partners to help "China speed" with strong momentum and service guarantee, and win the fight to prevent and control the epidemic of pneumonia caused by covid-19

rush to help

help the construction machinery army to help build Wuhan hospital

on January 24, in order to fight the spread of the epidemic, Wuhan began to build two special hospitals, Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain

nearly a thousand construction machinery were quickly assembled and put into the construction of two major hospitals, racing against time to curb the spread of pneumonia. At the construction site, the steel army composed of Liugong, Xugong, Sany, Komatsu, Zoomlion, Yama reconstruction machinery, Xingbang heavy industry and Reza heavy machinery equipped with Cummins power equipment worked in 24-hour shifts. Nearly 6000 builders, including Cummins power support and support personnel, participated in the special battle to save lives and race against time

at the construction site, whether it is the excavator busy at the site, the muck truck cleaning and transporting muck and building materials, the concrete mixer shuttling the site to transport cement mortar, and the pump truck responsible for the laying of concrete floors, the equipment equipped with Cummins power helps "China speed" with strong power and reliable performance

▲ Cummins assisted Liugong's 20-50 ton excavator and 25 ton crane on the construction site

▲ the 26 meter red straight arm aerial work platform of Xingbang heavy industry assisted by Cummins QSF engine is particularly eye-catching in the dark

accelerated transportation

actively participated in the transportation of epidemic prevention materials

in the urgent task of the construction of Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain hospitals, we can also see Dongfeng commercial vehicles equipped with Cummins power Foton Auman and other transportation vehicles are fighting on the front line, shuttling materials back and forth, and providing enterprises with all-round and babysitting services efficiently and reliably, which shows the "acceleration" of hospital construction

outside the construction site, the Omar refrigerator car equipped with Cummins power raced against time to deliver urgently needed epidemic prevention drugs to Wuhan at the first time, successfully completing the task of epidemic prevention drug transportation. At the same time, in order to ensure the supply of materials, a batch of transportation vehicles carrying Cummins power, such as Dongfeng Tianlong, Futian Auman, Futian aoling, Liuqi Chenglong, are constantly gathering, loaded with epidemic prevention and control materials, rushing to the front line from all over the country to rush to Wuhan

▲ on site transportation of epidemic prevention materials

exclusive support

service support is on standby at any time

in the face of the epidemic, Cummins immediately established a service response mechanism in Hubei Province and across the country to provide multiple service guarantees, respond to service needs in a timely manner, and actively support the introduction of various power products into epidemic prevention

online, Cummins care China, which provides all-weather power service guarantee, provides customers with 7 * 24-hour services through Cummins global call system, ensuring that customers in Hubei and across the country receive professional service support in a timely manner. In the 400, we specially add the "epidemic prevention exclusive service support" service option to provide exclusive services for Cummins users for epidemic prevention construction and material transportation; In addition, dealers who provide services to these customers will also receive exclusive rewards

not only that, intelligent service tools such as E-road Cummins app will also strengthen training, technical support and other functions. While providing more online training courses to meet the improvement of service ability, they will coordinate various resources to ensure the timely service support to avoid quality problems, response and efficient operation

offline, Cummins professional engineer service support is also on standby; At the same time, for service partners such as dealers and service technicians, Cummins provides "service guidelines" and service subsidies for special periods, actively looks for protective equipment resources, and supports service personnel to provide reliable services to customers under the condition of ensuring safety and health

happy new year, Steve Chapman, vice president of Cummins group, said: as a multinational enterprise deeply rooted in China, Cummins shares weal and woe with its Chinese partners. The development of the pneumonia epidemic affects every one of us. We also admire the courage and love shown by the Chinese people at this difficult time. We always put the health and safety of employees and their families in the first place. We also hope to do our utmost to support China's action to fight the epidemic. The important capital lies in life, and do our part for everyone's health and safety

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