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Chongzuo: cultivate leading industries and accelerate the development of clusters

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"from fresh fruit to fruit juice, it takes only one and a half hours." On January 5, the members of the investigation team of Chongzuo economic work conference witnessed the whole process of the deep processing of fruit and vegetable products through fully automated production lines to form fresh and delicious fruit juice and jam in the fruit juice production workshop of agricultural science and technology in the production area of Zhongtai Chongzuo Industrial Park. The project has an investment of 180million and an annual processing capacity of 110000 tons of fruits and vegetables, making it a leader in the local food deep processing industry

On January, Chongzuo city held a city wide economic work conference in the form of a combination of walking meetings and centralized meetings, and determined to cultivate new kinetic energy as the main direction to promote high-quality economic development. Data show that in the first three quarters of 2019, the city's GDP was 48.251 billion, an increase of 7.3%, ranking sixth in the region; In 2019, the added value of industries above designated size was 14.14 billion, an increase of 11.4%, ranking third in the region; Fixed asset investment increased by 18%, ranking second in the region. This year, Chongzuo city is committed to cultivating new driving forces, continues to take industrial development as the top priority, goes all out to expand and strengthen the four leading industries of copper, manganese, rare earth new materials, food, pan household and building materials, and accelerates the formation of four industrial clusters

promote the industrial agglomeration development of copper, manganese and rare earth new materials. Take Nanguo copper industry as the number one industrial project, promote the full production of 300000 tons of electrolytic copper in the first phase of Nanguo copper industry, fully release the production capacity, and achieve an annual output value of 15billion. Accelerate the construction of "copper, titanium and phosphorus" green recycling industrial base of CHUANHENG group; Accelerate the construction of the first phase of the 200000 ton/year low-carbon ferromanganese project of Xinzhen manganese industry, the second phase of the 60000 ton/year electrolytic metal manganese project, the 30000 ton/year lithium manganate project, and then the power battery project of the 8-hour ningbike new energy industrial park in Liaoning Province, promote the completion and production of the second phase of the technological transformation of CITIC manganese lithium manganate, and realize the production of the Guangxi Huazheng high-performance special-shaped lithium battery project; Promote the completion and operation of the ecological alumina project with an annual output of 1million tons in Longzhou; As soon as possible, the second phase of Guochen rare earth 5000 ton rare earth metal project will be fully put into production, the bonded warehouse will be put into normal use, the rare earth aluminum scandium alloy and rare earth fluoride projects will be completed and put into operation, and the deep-processing projects such as the introduction of rare earth catalytic materials and permanent magnet materials will be launched

promote the transformation and development of the food industry. Based on the sugar industry, promote the construction of sugar industry characteristic industrial parks such as Guangxi · China Sugar Industrial Park, Guangxi candy leisure food industrial park, Hunan Guangxi sugar circular economy industrial park, accelerate the construction of Longzhou Nanhua sugar factory relocation project, actively develop the downstream deep processing of sugar industry, further improve the comprehensive utilization level of sugar by-products molasses, bagasse, filter mud and other resources, and form a higher-level sugar circular economy; Strive for the substantial commencement of Xianggui lesaff's phase II project with an annual output of 50000 tons of active dry yeast (with a capacity of 20000 tons) and 10000 tons of yeast extract, speed up the construction of phase II of the national standard experiment project on metal tensile test, promote the completion and production of Dali food production project and Youliu orchard Daxin fruit deep processing project, and expand the durian production scale of Yanjin shop subsidiary, Introduce leading enterprises such as jinmailang and expand a number of food deep-processing projects that import agricultural products from ASEAN countries

promote the efficient development of Pan household industry. Take Shanwei Industrial Park, longzan Industrial Park and Pingxiang border cooperation zone as platforms to introduce a number of major leading enterprises in the wood industry and speed up the transformation and upgrading of the wood processing industry. Speed up the construction of Shanwei Wood Industry Park project of Guimin investment company, and accelerate the construction of a number of key wood processing projects, such as the overall cabinet of orcaro and the forest products of Zhonglin group. The experimental speed meets the requirements of the experimental speed of all conventional metal and non-metallic materials in China at present. The construction of trade processing base, Mingzhu household ecological furniture, Lelin annual production of 600000 square meters high density fiberboard and so on, The 300000 square meter new formaldehyde free OSB (oriented structure particleboard) project of Guangxi Deke was fully put into operation, and the first phase of the integration of bamboo pulp and paper of Huajin paper industry was completed and put into operation

promote the dislocation development of building materials industry. Chongzuo is rich in limestone resources and the Zuojiang River waterway, so it has unique advantages in developing the building materials industry. Clarify the development priorities of conch cement, southern cement, Red Lion cement, etc., and introduce high starting point and sustainable deep processing projects of calcium carbonate and gypsum board to form a differentiated and dislocation development pattern; Accelerate the construction of key projects such as China building materials Chongzuo Industrial Park, conch group Fusui green building materials Industrial Park, Tiandeng Dongni cement production line phase II, steel Thai assembly 20 displacement rate control range (mm/min) 0.5 (5) 0 type building, and promote the construction of two 10000 ton cement clinker production lines in conch, which will be completed and put into operation at the end of next year

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