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The energy equipment plan has been issued for 140 times, and it is mentioned that the technical breakthrough is proposed in the plan. Before 2020, a batch of key technical equipment for clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient development of energy will be broken through and demonstration applications will be carried out. More than a year after the release of made in China 2025, on June 20, the national development and Reform Commission released the implementation plan for made in China 2025 energy equipment (hereinafter referred to as the plan)

the plan puts forward two-stage development goals for the energy equipment manufacturing industry. In brief, it mainly includes: by 2020, we will break through a number of key technical equipment for clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient development of energy and carry out demonstration applications. The energy equipment manufacturing industry has become a new growth point driving China's industrial upgrading, the product structure of energy equipment has been further optimized, and the overcapacity has been significantly alleviated; By 2025, the emerging energy equipment manufacturing industry will form a relatively perfect industrial system with comparative advantages and stability, which can be well developed with a rational and pragmatic attitude, and has strong international competitiveness on the whole

as for the way to achieve these two goals, the daily economy notes that the plan takes technology research as an important landing point. According to incomplete statistics, in this 73 page plan, there have been as many as 140 technological breakthroughs

in view of the current problems faced by China's energy technology and equipment manufacturing industry, the plan proposes to organize and promote the technical breakthrough, test demonstration, promotion and application of key energy equipment. Focus on the key equipment that is urgently needed for energy security and effectively promote the energy revolution, further cultivate and improve the independent innovation ability of energy equipment, and promote the optimization and upgrading of energy revolution and energy equipment manufacturing industry. The plan defines the development tasks of energy equipment in 15 fields

in this regard, Zhou Dadi, vice president of the China Energy Research Association, introduced in an interview with the daily economy that the manufacturing capacity of China's energy equipment industry is not poor, but some key equipment still rely on imports, and the overall capacity also needs to be further compressed

energy equipment is big but not strong.

overcapacity in the energy equipment industry, especially in the new energy equipment industry, has not appeared in recent years

as early as 2009, when the executive meeting of the State Council studied and deployed the problem of curbing overcapacity and redundant construction in some industries, it named emerging industries such as wind power and polysilicon. Zhang Guobao, then director of the national energy administration, said that the surplus was wind power equipment, not the wind power industry. By 2013, Zhang Guobao once again stated that the society said that the overcapacity of new energy was in essence the overcapacity of some equipment

in the past three years, as the domestic new energy installed capacity has taken a big step forward, the relevant standards of modern industrial design and ergonomics have been fully considered in modeling and coating. The overcapacity of the new energy equipment industry has been alleviated, but the problem still exists. After the economy entered the new normal, power, coal and other energy industries have experienced overcapacity, and fierce competition has also emerged within the energy equipment industry. The overall installed capacity of electric power is too much. When the installed capacity of new energy comes up, it will squeeze the installed capacity of thermal power, which will also lead to excess installed capacity of thermal power. Zhou Dadi pointed out that being big but not strong has always plagued the development of the industry

the "plan" released this time also points out that China's energy technology and equipment manufacturing industry is facing the challenges of energy development and structural adjustment, and the contradictions such as weak independent innovation ability, lack of some key core technologies, relative overcapacity of traditional products and insufficient supporting capacity of key parts and components are still prominent, which urgently need transformation and upgrading

in view of these problems, the plan puts forward the development tasks of energy equipment in 15 fields. Taking the green intelligent mining and washing equipment of coal as an example, the plan lists four key technical research areas, namely: intelligent geological drilling equipment of coal, international standard efficient green mining equipment for biomedical materials and products continuously formulated and issued by the international organization for high standards of coal (ISO), intelligent mining and washing equipment of coal mine, and coal mine disaster prevention and emergency rescue equipment

Bi ran, general manager of Changzhou Tianmu Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., who has developed in this industry for many years, told the daily economy that although the development of the coal industry has encountered great difficulties in recent years, the industry's demand for technological upgrading is more vigorous. For example, there is still a lot of room for development in this part of intelligent washing

going out also needs to hold together for warmth

high end equipment manufacturing industry is the gold lettered signboard for Chinese enterprises to go out. In the past few years, almost every leader's visit has been accompanied by high-end equipment such as nuclear power. However, these enterprises also face some problems when going out

the head of an oil well equipment manufacturing enterprise told the daily economy that his company has been developing overseas markets for many years and has made some achievements, but individual enterprises will still encounter various problems when going global, such as the lack of local understanding of made in China, and it is difficult for enterprises to break through one by one

some markets are unwilling to use Chinese equipment, and our enterprises work hard to do public relations, but it is very difficult to make a breakthrough at the local government level, and the local Chinese Embassy and consulate can also provide us with some help. The person in charge said

suiyongbin, President of China General Machinery Industry Association, once told the media that although some Chinese energy equipment manufacturing enterprises have better markets in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa, relevant enterprises still face two major problems in the process of Internationalization: first, there is a lack of international talents who understand both technology and foreign languages; Second, the lack of in-depth understanding of the local legal and economic environment

it is worth noting that in view of the above problems, the plan released this time proposes to establish and improve the working mechanism of international cooperation services for energy equipment around the joint construction of the the Belt and Road and the implementation of the "going global" strategy

specifically, energy enterprises and equipment manufacturing enterprises will be guided to go to sea together to prevent domestic enterprises from homogenizing vicious competition. Promote the transformation of energy equipment manufacturing industry from pure technology introduction to talent introduction, foreign mergers and acquisitions, and cooperative research and development, and support the introduction of advanced technology and high-end talents urgently needed for energy development. We will study the use of industrial funds, state-owned capital gains and other means to promote the export of advantageous production capacity of various energy equipment, and support overseas investment and mergers and acquisitions

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