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Should the energy industry go to capacity? The coal market has successfully completed the task

Abstract: "In 2016, the task of reducing coal production capacity across the country has been basically completed, and the supply and demand of the coal market has been basically balanced. Practice has proved that the low coal market price is contrary to the law of value, which is not conducive to the development of the industry; the high price is not conducive to the development of the industry; the price rises too fast in the short term, which is not conducive to the smooth operation of the compression test in the market between the workbench and the mobile beam. In this regard, coal 74 residential concrete inner wall panel and partition panel enterprises should Attach great importance to it, strive to stabilize the coal price, stabilize the price at about 550 ~ 600 yuan/ton, and maintain the stable operation of the industry. " The 2017 national coal trade fair was recently held in Hebei, and Wang Xianzheng, such as the China Coal Industry Association, made the above remarks at the meeting

Wang Xianzheng pointed out that in view of the severe difficult situation in the coal industry, the State Council has successively issued the opinions on promoting the smooth operation of the coal industry and the opinions on resolving excess capacity and achieving poverty relief development in the coal industry, and phased progress has been made in resolving excess capacity and poverty relief in the coal industry. At the enterprise level, coal enterprises conscientiously implement the development policies and measures to reduce production capacity and get rid of difficulties. Great changes have taken place from concept, understanding to specific actions. They actively adapt to the market situation, conscientiously implement the reduction of production, implement the 276 working day system for coal mines, actively eliminate backward production capacity, close and withdraw from coal mines, especially for coal mines that do not have the conditions for safe production, and strengthen the withdrawal to stabilize production, stabilize the market Stabilizing prices and building a fair and orderly coal market system have played a positive role

Wang Xianzheng stressed that while seeing the achievements and effects of the coal industry, we must see that the total coal consumption continues to fall, the problem of uneven development of the industry is still prominent, and the task of controlling the total amount and stabilizing coal prices is still arduous. First, there has been no fundamental change in the trend of the continuous decline of the total national coal consumption. Second, the superposition of multiple factors promotes the rational return of coal market prices, and efforts should be made to stabilize prices in a reasonable range. According to statistics, affected by multiple factors such as the withdrawal of coal production capacity and reduced production, the price of 5500 kcal of thermal coal in Qinhuangdao slowly rebounded from 370 yuan/ton at the beginning of the year to 550 yuan/ton in mid September, "we should stabilize the price at about 550-600 yuan/ton in recent days to maintain the stable operation of the industry"

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