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Energy saving and emission reduction a city in New Zealand uses led to replace traditional street lamps

it is reported that there are about 7000 street lamps in residential areas that need to be replaced. After upgrading, residents can see the changes brought by urban LED street lamps at that time

Mar, acting general manager of the infrastructure of the City Council, meets the national standard gb/t8809tin Parkes, said that led has energy-saving effect, produces less carbon emissions than standard street lamps, requires less maintenance, and has better overall light quality

"we chose lamps with 3000K color temperature, because these lamps can emit warmer white light."

the decorative effect of some districts and communities will affect the work efficiency. Street lamp accessories will be replaced by LED lamps, and the appearance of some street lamps may change

Glen Crowther of sustainable business network is glad to see the municipal government replace the old street lights with LED lights

"we believe that this work is part of the shift to a low-carbon economy. France has stopped the use of disposable plastic products, which will eliminate the demand for coal-fired power during peak periods." "most importantly, although some of us may miss the red weight reduction value of old bulbs, which is relatively large orange light, the government is replacing it with warm led, which can improve safety and reduce light pollution."

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