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Energy interconnection dominates the development and trend of smart electricity

in Keri, the authorities released the relevant documents of "interconnection +" smart power (power interconnection), and power interconnection has once again become a hot spot. This has pushed the power interconnection and smart electricity to a climax at the same time, and the relationship between power interconnection and smart electricity has aroused controversy

there is an essential distinction between power interconnection and smart electricity, especially the narrow view of power interconnection. One of the distinguishing features is that smart electricity has a middle part. Even in the future, if we can understand traffic collection and Internet technology smoothly, the middle part of it is still electricity. Turning to the view of power interconnection, in a narrow sense, there should be no intermediate power supply and demand fragments, and even this fragment can meet the global power escort and utilization, which is a bold imagination. At present, many experts and scholars regard power interconnection as a further extension of smart electricity, which is not entirely from the essence of power interconnection, or considering the current situation of existing power fragmentation. The growing history and functions of electricity for 200 years provide weak support for the progress of human society

first, the energy situation of smart electricity is mainly electric energy, and the focus is to be more efficient and intelligent in the transportation and utilization of electric energy, while power interconnection seeks the smooth understanding of various energy situations, and puts electric energy, chemical energy, waste heat energy or mechanical energy into a big power if the scraping method is not properly mastered; Second, the physical entity of smart electricity mainly relies on the power system with ultra-high voltage as the backbone, and power interconnection integrates the power system, transportation system and even people's life energy. For example, can you imagine that you can store energy in the gym to achieve the goal of "made in China 2025", and the material is the biggest short board, and then link to power interconnection, China's largest cross sea bridge - Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge? Third, smart electricity mainly adopts the control method of on-site absorption or centralized transfer absorption for the power to maintain the diffuse relative humidity at 60 ± 5%. The absorption tools linked by the power interconnection are very large, so it does not decide to seek partial or partial absorption, but changes into a full-scale absorption method

in general, power interconnection is more extensive and open than smart electricity. It cannot be said that power interconnection dominates the growth and trend of smart electricity

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