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New materials have been divided into six categories. A glance at the development trend of international dairy packaging

with the vigorous development of the dairy industry, dairy products are used for high precision; The latter is cheap all over the world, and its packaging has also become one of the factors that manufacturers attach importance to in order to occupy the market. At present, the packaging of dairy products pays more attention to environmental protection, convenience and safety

convenience dairy this kind of packaged dairy products has always been suitable for the fast pace of busy people, but as far as its packaging is concerned, it is still possible to improve. For example, milk chugs products of Dean foods company in the United States, whose bottle capacity and shape are cleverly integrated with its trademark design, have greatly increased sales and won many packaging design awards. The bottle and lid of this milk drink are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) material, which looks very similar to the previous glass milk bottle. Its trademark is printed with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, which is heat shrinkable and attached to the outer surface of the bottle


there is also a convenient beverage package, which is an upright beverage bag. The bag making, filling and sealing operations are completed by one machine at a time. The material is a composite film of aluminum foil, ionic cross-linked polymer and polyethylene, in which the ionic cross-linked polymer is used as the bonding layer for sealing. Like boxed milk products, this kind of bagged milk is also pasted with a separately packaged straw on the outside. Other packaging designs place the straw inside the beverage bag, and when drinking, it will penetrate the outer packaging and be pulled out

safe and healthy packaging has a kind of aseptic boxed dairy products with good portability, which is popular because its design shape is not only convenient to put into lunch boxes or sports backpacks, but also can be drunk after freezing. Even the U.S. Army chose him as a supporting product of instant food (MRE) battlefield rations. This kind of beverage box is made of a composite material, in which the cardboard plays a supporting role, the polymer plays a role of adhesive and moisture-proof, and the aluminum foil plays a role of blocking light. Each beverage box is also equipped with a separate microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine, which is mainly used for the straw of metal and non-metal stretching, tightening and zigzag experimental packaging

for yogurt products with high viscosity, the packaging needs more humanized design. For many years, yogurt products have been aseptically filled in hot formed single serving cups. Recently, a number of new convenient packaging have increased the sales of yogurt. Go gruttm, a new product of Yoplait series of General Mills in the United States, uses a triangular prism packaging bag, in which yogurt can be eaten without a spoon. The material of this kind of packaging bag is a composite film with polyester/low density polyethylene (LDPE) as the adhesive layer, and the bag making, filling, sealing and other operations are completed on one equipment. Every 8 bags are packed into a box

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