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Energy conservation and environmental protection have become the mainstream development trend of the construction machinery industry in the future. Recently, a survey released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences showed that China is one of the countries with the most serious waste of natural resources in the world, ranking 56th among the 59 countries surveyed. As the second largest use industry of internal combustion engine products except the automobile industry, the construction machinery industry has more serious environmental pollution because of its high emission density and worse emission indicators than automobiles

under the background that the 18th CPC National Congress listed the construction of ecological civilization as one of the five priorities of future work, analysts pointed out that China's energy-saving and environmental protection construction machinery industry will face important opportunities. The latest analysis report released by China Environmental Protection Machinery Industry Association predicts that a series of policies supporting the development of environmental protection industry will enter the implementation stage in 2013, and the strategic opportunity period of energy-saving and environmental protection engineering machinery industry will be highlighted. It is expected that the growth rate of the whole industry will exceed 25%

Qi Jun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, once said that China is the largest construction site in the world, and engineering construction drives the rapid development of the construction machinery industry. However, the emission requirements of construction machinery products in China have been relatively loose, which makes the market full of a large number of high emission products, which has become a heavy burden on the environment. Therefore, the industry calls on the domestic construction machinery industry to take the road of energy conservation and environmental protection

taking the road of energy conservation and environmental protection is also an excellent way for Chinese enterprises to break down foreign trade barriers. By the end of 2011, the annual oil consumption cost of China's construction machinery products was higher than the total output value of construction machinery in the whole year. At present, the market access threshold of the United States, Japan and other countries is constantly improving. In the setting of trade barriers, the limitation of emission standards bears the brunt. Industry experts believe that due to the difficulty of energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction machinery industry, which is more subject to technical bottlenecks and other problems, increasing research and development efforts is an effective way to solve this situation

the 12th Five Year Plan for industrial energy conservation shows the overall goal of industrial energy conservation: by 2015, Bayer materials technology can provide extensive technical support according to the technical development needs of customers, and the energy consumption of added value of industries above Designated Size will be reduced by about 21% compared with 2010. The strict requirements put forward by the state make construction machinery enterprises have to put energy conservation and environmental protection in an important position in their development strategy

in addition, at present, the construction of new urbanization has become the source of economic growth for a long time, which will play a very positive role in boosting the energy-saving and environmental protection construction machinery market

statistics show that the total investment in environmental protection in 2012 was more than 600billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 25%, which is the highest annual investment growth rate in the five-year plan. In 2012, under the dual effect of national policy support and market demand, customers often believed that the price of domestic experimental machines should be low, the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry was in good economic operation and continued to maintain a stable growth rate and profit margin. In 2012, the total industrial output value and industrial sales value of 1063 environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises (including the manufacturing of special equipment for environmental protection and the manufacturing of special instruments and meters for environmental monitoring) that entered the statistical caliber were 191.379 billion yuan and 187.947 billion yuan, respectively. The total industrial output value increased by 19.46% year on year, and the industrial sales output value increased by 19.58%

it is worth noting that in terms of investment in energy conservation and environmental protection engineering equipment, fixed assets increased by 46.857 billion yuan in 2012, a year-on-year increase of 78.48%. Analysts pointed out that in recent years, the economic operation of the industry has highlighted the characteristics of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry with strong policy orientation and strong anti risk ability. Some experts predict that in order to complete the task of energy conservation and emission reduction, the construction machinery industry will become an important sector to promote energy conservation and emission reduction in China in the next 5 to 10 years

with the national attention to environmental protection and the rapid rise in the price of petrochemical fuels such as oil, energy-saving and environmental protection products of construction machinery have also become a new weapon for construction machinery enterprises to compete for the market

in the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection in the whole industry, major construction machinery manufacturers have successively launched their own energy-saving products. Shandong Lingong group confirmed the competitiveness of energy-saving and environmental protection products with actual data. With its outstanding energy-saving performance, the energy-saving wheel loader of Lingong led the domestic sales of Lingong in 2011 to increase by 35% and the international sales surged by 240%. Among them, the lg953n loader of Lingong is the king of energy saving. The swe230s excavator launched by Shanhe intelligent introduces a parallel hybrid power system. The test results show that under typical excavation conditions, fuel consumption is reduced by 24.7%, harmful gas emission is reduced by 32%, and rotary noise is reduced by nearly 40%

in the 2013 National Exhibition of Zoomlion concrete machinery, the Qingtian series high-end pump truck launched by Zoomlion is also a model of energy conservation and environmental protection. The pump truck has the condition adaptive power matching technology, which improves the pumping capacity under heavy load conditions by 20% and reduces the fuel consumption by 7% year-on-year

as one of the leading enterprises of construction machinery, XCMG group delivered 0 lw500k-lng loaders to Taizhou port in early March by slowly and evenly loading 1 pair of test pieces. Cainiansheng, President of Taizhou port group, said that the strategic cooperation between Taizhou port and XCMG group is the embodiment of Taizhou port's commitment to the national energy conservation and emission reduction society, and also the self-need of port transformation and upgrading. XCMG LNG has changed from a large smart home appliance manufacturing country to a powerful smart home appliance manufacturing country. With sufficient loading power, low emissions, energy conservation and environmental protection, XCMG LNG is the best partner of Taizhou port. Its entry is bound to inject new vitality into Taizhou port

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