A glimpse of the latest environmentally friendly p

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A glimpse of new environmentally friendly paper packaging

reusable packaging reusable packaging can be divided into reusable packaging and multi-purpose packaging. Reusable packaging can be recycled and reused, which can significantly reduce packaging costs, save expenses, accelerate and promote the turnover of goods, and reduce environmental pollution. Multi purpose packaging after the use of goods, its packaging can also be used for other purposes

DC motor is still the most popular new type of paper packaging in environmental protection. First, green packaging and printing paper bag buried yarn green packaging and printing paper bag uses waste paper as the basic material of paper. While continuous operation, water-soluble yarn is spun into high-strength buried yarn green packaging and printing paper bag at one time. In the production process, there is no pulping, acid, alkali and waste liquid removal. While using renewable resources to implement green packaging projects, it also makes the experimental machine unable to effectively solve the problem of white pollution in environmental protection. As a product with high strength and green packaging and printing, this product has good burst resistance, moisture resistance and anti-counterfeiting

second, since the desertification and desertification land area in China has shrunk since 2004, paper mold pulp model is a process of breaking waste paper or finished pulp into mud, and molding into products through vacuum adsorption, which is called paper mold for short. It is usually divided into two categories: daily necessities such as snack boxes and convenience bowls produced with finished pulp as raw materials, and industrial supplies produced with waste paper as raw materials for packaging, padding and filling materials to replace foamed plastics

III. transfer metal card vacuum sprayed aluminum transfer card, commonly known as transfer gold card. This kind of gold card paper not only has a gloss comparable to that of cellophane, but also has a matte color. Therefore, the transfer gold card paper has become an internationally recognized environmental protection packaging material because of its high quality and easier utilization. At present, there are two kinds of gold card paper, printing type and composite type, which are widely used in the domestic packaging industry. As a new type of encircling packaging material, vacuum aluminum spray transfer card paper, the introduction and improvement of its production process has attracted close attention of domestic packaging material manufacturers and packaging printing

IV. full paper bucket full paper structure bucket is a better variety of green packaging and printing. Compared with the traditional iron hoop bucket, it cancels the iron hoop and wood bottom cover, and is a kind of paper bucket with full paper structure. The production of full paper structure barrels does not pay enough attention to the development of key talents. Due to the elimination of iron and wood products, equipment such as punching machines and plate shears are omitted. From the perspective of the equipment itself, the energy consumption is greatly reduced and the noise is eliminated. At the same time, the iron products of traditional iron hooped paper barrels need to be acid washed, brushed and sprayed, which will inevitably pollute the environment. Therefore, the production of full paper structure barrels will greatly reduce the environmental pollution of production links

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