A glimpse of Yuchai's development of the ASEAN mar

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Golden decade of hibiscus flowers: a glimpse of Yuchai's development of the ASEAN market

golden decade of hibiscus flowers: a glimpse of Yuchai's development of the ASEAN market

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Southeast Asia is a link between the East and the west, and has countless ties with China. The ancient maritime Silk Road, China's porcelain, silk, etc. were transported to all parts of the world through Southeast Asia, which promoted the development of the history of world civilization

in the 1960s, Yuchai entered this charming land and sold its own engines and generator sets here. During the "golden decade", taking advantage of the strong east wind of the opening-up and cooperation between China and ASEAN countries, Yuchai people seized the momentum and let the green power ring through the mountains, islands, dense forests and oceans of Southeast Asia... In ASEAN, 461 Yuchai engines were sold in 2004; It is estimated that 18000 units will be sold in 2014, achieving a perfect change from nothing to more

benefit the local people

"bright... Bright...". On a summer day in 2013, in a village near bengmelet temple in Cambodia, when the lights of ordinary farmers' homes lit up, the children's smiling faces were as bright as the sun

this is the first time this village has used electricity. Today, with the rapid development of industrial civilization, computers and televisions have already entered the homes of ordinary people, but in some remote mountain villages, they are still isolated from the world. After the local government introduced Yuchai generator set, electricity changed their lives

in order to enter the ASEAN market faster, since 1996, Yuchai has set up an office in Vietnam to fully serve users in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and so on. "User satisfaction is Yuchai's first pursuit. It is gratifying to have many orders, but it is far less satisfying than the smiling faces of users." Tang Haidong, director of Yuchai office in Vietnam, was very emotional. Now, Vietnam and other ASEAN countries have become the largest overseas market of Yuchai. Every year, tens of thousands of Yuchai engines are assembled on passenger cars, trucks and generator sets exported to Vietnam. Yuchai has built a good reputation in the local area

on the basis of taking Vietnam as the ASEAN market center, Yuchai continues to expand its market territory in ASEAN countries - successively setting up offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar and other countries, and actively expanding the share of "YC" brand in the ASEAN market. Products have gradually entered the fields of automobiles, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, power generation equipment, ships and so on in Southeast Asian countries

in 2004, the China ASEAN Expo was settled in Nanning, strengthening the wings of Yuchai people. With 10 years of painstaking efforts, the brand recognition has gradually increased. Up to now, the quantity of Yuchai products in the ASEAN market has reached 92247 units, accounting for 40% of the total overseas quantity of Yuchai products. Among them, Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines rank first in ASEAN market ownership and top three in peek medical implants. Vietnam alone has a market ownership of more than 63000 sets

in 2014, Yuchai exported more than 24000 diesel engines overseas. This year, the overseas sales volume is expected to exceed that of previous years, becoming the year with the largest export volume in the past 10 years. Among them, the sales volume of ASEAN market accounts for about 60% of the sales volume of overseas market, which shows its important market position in Yuchai's overseas layout

challenge foreign benchmarks

from scratch, Yuchai's development of the ASEAN market is not plain sailing. If you want to enter this market, you must first have enough courage and confidence to challenge the big brands in Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States inherent in the ASEAN market. The trade barrier is also the heavy resistance that Yuchai must break through to expand the ASEAN market. In 2005, Yuchai exported only 3000 diesel engines of various types to ASEAN countries. However, since Yuchai put forward the strategic concept of "breaking through Southeast Asia" in 2008, especially after the completion of the China ASEAN Free Trade Area in 2010, Yuchai products have become popular in the ASEAN market, and the sales of Yuchai engines in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and other markets have increased significantly

in Sulawesi island, Indonesia, Yuchai has brought unprecedented shock to the local people, changing their consistent view of made in China at one stroke. Sulawesi island is the third largest island in Indonesia, and also the largest island with the highest proportion of mountains. The total length of the island is more than 3000 kilometers. The roads are mainly mountain roads, and people mainly rely on long-distance buses for travel. In the past few decades, most local people only know the mainstream passenger cars in Europe and America. Because the steep mountain road has high requirements on the engine, it is considered that the 12 meter European and American bus with 380 HP engine is the best choice for local road conditions, and it is also the only choice. However, the very expensive vehicle price has led to a rise in ticket prices, which has exceeded the consumption level of many passengers. Considering the cost, the mobility of personnel is very small

new Liman passenger transport company on the island is the first to try to introduce eight Chinese buses equipped with Yuchai yc6l engines, with a price less than half that of European and American buses. At first, Mr. salia, the boss of the company, was uneasy and watched the test drive accompanied by the staff of Yuchai office in Indonesia. Unexpectedly, the test results made him excited: the test drivers of each car reported to him that the power performance was not inferior to that of 380 horsepower European and American buses, and they could easily and quickly cross steep hillsides; When replenishing fuel, the statistical results show that the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is much higher than that of European and American engines! None of the eight vehicles that worked continuously for three days and two nights broke down

several passenger transport companies near wangjiaxi also came to visit and learn about the test run. "Eddy, I heard that you found that the engine of the company was very good in the investigation", Lai Zedong, director of Yuchai's office in Indonesia, was almost destroyed

later, new Liman passenger transport company decided to buy another 50 vehicles. The local government and banks will give full support after understanding the situation. The cost-effective Chinese passenger cars have significantly reduced operating costs and fares. It is more convenient for local people to travel. This choice not only allows bus operators to obtain a good return on investment, but also gradually changes the travel frequency and living habits of local people

nowadays, the orderly development of Yuchai in the ASEAN market has continuously improved the development of Yuchai in the entire regional market of ASEAN. From market research, products, accessories to supporting services, a multi angle and three-dimensional market development situation has been formed; The product market structure is more balanced, changing the situation of over dependence on a certain market

leap into ASEAN in an all-round way

Liang Bing, deputy general manager of Yuchai overseas business department, has been involved in the ASEAN market for more than 10 years. Liang Bing, deputy general manager of Yuchai overseas business department, feels that ASEAN countries have great differences in all aspects. In order to successfully enter the ASEAN market, enterprise products must carefully do market research, including politics, economy, culture and religion. In this way, we can "customize privately" to meet customer needs to the greatest extent

for products, customers are most concerned about quality and service. In addition to brand marketing planning, service has become an important means for Yuchai to win customers and develop the market. In order to better serve ASEAN customers, Yuchai accounts for 35%; Steel door and window products have a 6% share; Other materials and products account for 4%, and we will continue to strengthen our customer network, market environment network, distribution network, service network and other aspects. In terms of service quality, we should strictly consider the qualifications and output standards of service agents from the aspects of place, equipment and service capacity, effectively combine "Yuchai" with "localization", create Yuchai service brand, and consolidate the international competitiveness of products. In terms of the structure of export products, in the next step, Yuchai will reasonably adjust the proportion of supporting exports and self operated exports according to the characteristics of products. On the one hand, it will explore and cultivate overseas OEM markets, on the other hand, it will promote the efficient interaction between domestic and foreign offices, stimulate supporting exports, and improve the operation level of overseas markets on the whole

with the further deepening of the opening-up and cooperation between China and ASEAN countries, Yuchai will usher in a broader market. In January this year, the Vietnamese market enjoyed a good growth momentum. Tang Haidong said, "Yuchai Vietnam office will grasp the changes of government policies and market demands of the two countries at the same time, speed up the development of announcement resources of local OEM factories, increase the market information sharing of domestic vehicle manufacturers, and jointly drive the market, so as to promote the export of vehicle supporting Yuchai engine, so that the engineering vehicle, road vehicle, passenger car and marine power market can blossom and bear fruit in Vietnam."

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