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The technology of China's energy interconnection industry needs to be broken through, and energy storage should be diversified.

energy interconnection takes the power system as the core, interconnection and other cutting-edge information technologies as the foundation, and large-scale renewable energy and distributed power access to accelerate the development of military and civilian integration. It can realize the integration of information technology and energy infrastructure, and optimize and complement the cold, heat, gas, water, electricity and other energy sources, And the network system of equal exchange and sharing of energy with two-way flow of energy and information. At present, the three major technologies of China's energy interconnection industry need to be broken through

1 energy conversion and comprehensive utilization technology

at present, the research in this area is still relatively preliminary, and there is still a big gap in terms of systematization and practicality. With the continuous introduction of distributed photovoltaic, electric vehicles and other active loads, electricity needs to coordinate the use of various forms of energy. In response to this challenge, using the design concept of switching equipment in the Internet for reference, designing an "energy router" that can realize energy network interconnection, scheduling and control is an intuitive and feasible solution to this problem

2 energy storage technology

on the one hand, the breakthrough point of the problem lies in the diversification of energy storage, so that the characteristics of different energy storage technologies meet the needs of target application fields, and a variety of energy storage technologies cooperate with each other. On the other hand, we can build an energy storage cloud platform. This distributed energy storage system based on energy information technology can be further controlled by interconnection technology and information physics system technology, and can flexibly expand the majority of the use of high molecular polymers as needed to meet the needs of different application scenarios

3 information and communication technology

energy interconnection requires the use of ICT technology to connect hundreds of millions of equipment, machines and systems at the energy production end, energy transmission end and energy consumption end, forming the "IOT Foundation" of energy interconnection. Intelligent power generation, power consumption and power storage equipment will eventually be connected to the network; Then realize the dynamic adjustment of demand side and supply side through cloud computing and big data analysis. The breakthrough lies in the construction of the energy interconnection cloud platform, which collects and analyzes the big data of the energy system, so as to realize the optimal allocation of resources to be grinded and repaired

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