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LED lighting standard light components launch response to international market competition

[electromechanical news] recently, the "LED lighting standard light components project press conference" (hereinafter referred to as "standard light components") hosted by Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology and the national semiconductor lighting engineering R & D and industry alliance was successfully held in Guangzhou

"Joint Research Alliance for LED lighting standard optical components" inaugural ceremony

member units of Guangdong LED lighting technology and product promotion and application joint conference, responsible comrades of provincial science and Technology Department, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Jiangmen and other Municipal Science and technology bureaus, international semiconductor lighting alliance, Guangdong semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center, provincial and municipal associations, South China University of technology More than 300 people attended the meeting, including representatives of Sun Yat sen University, South China Normal University, Guangdong University of technology and other institutions, as well as representatives of domestic LED listed enterprises and leading enterprises

Ye Jingtu, deputy director of the Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province, made an important speech at the meeting. He said that the research and implementation of the standard optical component project will be of great help to cultivate national brands, break through the international patent blockade, deal with international market competition and develop core technologies. It will also play a vital role in promoting the development of the LED industry in the whole country and even the LED industry in the whole world. The provincial science and Technology Department hopes to speed up the research and implementation of the standard optical module project. Guangdong Province will give priority to purchasing standard optical module products in the LED lighting demonstration project

it is of great significance to integrate industrial resources to create a national brand standard optical component project

it is reported that the standard optical component refers to the light-emitting unit that takes the LED chip as the basic light-emitting body, has the specified light, color, electrical and thermal characteristics, as well as the specified overall size, mechanical matching form, application interface end and use specification, and is used for lighting products and lighting systems

according to experts, generally speaking, standard optical components are equivalent to mutually compatible assembled computer devices in the computer market. The LED industry chain is mainly divided into upstream extension and chip industry, midstream packaging and downstream application industry. However, professionally, LED lighting components are generally divided into six levels according to the characteristics of LED lighting products, industrial chain division of labor and application habits. From top to bottom, they are epitaxial and chip, packaging components, lighting modules, lighting sources, lighting lamps and lighting systems

"the standard optical component project focuses on the four levels of packaging components, lighting modules, lighting sources and lighting lamps, and specifies the morphological structure, functional characteristics, standard interfaces, use specifications, detection methods, relevant technical standards, patents and coding principles of optical components at each level, so as to realize the compatibility and interchangeability of products." Sui Shirong, Guangdong semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center (hereinafter referred to as GSC), introduced

LED lighting industry is one of the three major breakthroughs in the development of strategic emerging industries in the 12th Five Year Plan of Guangdong Province, and the industry is developing very rapidly. Ye Jingtu said that compared with developed countries, Guangdong's LED industry in 2011 did not lack the original technology and production capacity foundation in China, with a value of 150 billion yuan. It is expected that driven by lighting products, the industry output value is expected to reach 200 billion yuan in 2012

in the future, led also has good prospects. At a professional forum at the end of 2011, an official of the Ministry of science and technology revealed that according to the national LED energy-saving planning goal of the 12th Five Year Plan in 2015, the luminous efficiency lumen of LED industrialization should reach 150 lumens/watt, the R & D level should reach 200 lumens/watt, the service life should reach 50000 hours, and the market scale should reach more than 500 billion yuan. In view of this situation, many enterprises have entered the field of LED lighting

however, due to the lack of standardized and unified standards for optical components and lamps, as well as the uneven development of each enterprise's existing equipment and facilities, their own working foundation and the technical level of overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protective devices, LED lighting products in the market have a wide variety, different performance and poor interchangeability, posing a severe challenge to the development of the whole industry, At the same time, it also restricts the healthy development of LED lighting industry to a certain extent

an expert told that recently, a lighting system project in a certain place needs to be transformed, and many enterprises bid with their own products. As a result, the price difference of products with the same raw materials, process and effect is very large, leaving the bidding department with no standard to refer to and helpless

first, in order to solve the scientific and technological problems of major core technologies, and second, in order to solve the scientific and technological problems of common technologies in the industry, under the leadership of Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology and the national semiconductor lighting engineering R & D and Industry Alliance, with the full help and use of GSC, an innovative platform, we will convene domestic industry leading enterprises, gather national and even global high-quality resources, and collect, sort out, study It is of great and far-reaching significance to develop and formulate economically applicable and forward-looking LED lighting industry standard optical components, guide the LED lighting industry to develop towards standardization, serialization and standardization, and improve the overall competitiveness and industrial development level of domestic LED lighting industry

"In terms of tackling key problems of common technologies, in the past, hundreds of enterprises may be researching and developing a product transformation technology in the industrial chain at the same time. Even if the R & D cost invested by one enterprise is only 500000 yuan and the R & D cost invested by 100 enterprises adds up to 50 million yuan, many enterprises can avoid detours if they participate in the project of standard optical components. A similar technological transformation is only one million yuan at best Save a lot of scientific research expenses. " Sui Shirong said

the founding of the national first research alliance for the establishment of light and strive to build a strategic emerging industry in Guangdong

on the same day, the national semiconductor lighting engineering R & D and Industry Alliance, Guangdong Institute of industrial technology, Hongli optoelectronics, Jingke electronics, Guangwei lighting, Guosheng investment, Qinshang optoelectronics, China gallium semiconductor technology, Blue Arrow Electronics, Guoxing optoelectronics, Foshan Lighting, Zhaoxin group, mulinson Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Hongbao, maoshuo power Representatives of 22 domestic scientific research institutions, listed enterprises and leading enterprises, including Lehman optoelectronics, Zhouming technology, jinglande lighting, changyuntong optoelectronics, TCL, Yinyu lighting and Dehao Runda, held the signing ceremony of "joint research alliance of standard optical components" at the project press conference

Ruan Jun, Deputy Secretary General of the national semiconductor lighting engineering R & D and Industry Alliance, said that the standard optical module project is a great initiative. Its organizational form and implementation process are the first in China. The standard optical module project will also break the traditional concept of local protectionism and allow domestic excellent enterprises to participate in the research, promotion and implementation of the project. The national semiconductor lighting alliance will work with the Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province, Promote it to become a national standard and even an international standard

it is understood that the Guangdong semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center (GSC), established in September 2011, is an important measure taken by the Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology in promoting the strategic emerging industry of LED lighting in recent years. GSC integrates the political, industrial, academic and research resources through the organization, The standard optical component project is a major initiative organized and implemented by GSC since its establishment

it is reported that the standard optical component launched by GSC is a bottom-up operation integration project starting from the grass-roots summary of the enterprise, which is scientific, practical and operable. At the same time, the optical component standard focuses on different directions from the current provincial and national product standards, which can solve the difficulties of the company's lack of self owned funds, and has a certain originality. According to experts, provincial and national standards are formulated for the light source effect and safety of end products, and the optical component standard is a standard for effectively integrating and controlling the industrial process, which will enable many originally free middleware without industrial scale to be freely traded in the market

following the introduction of LED lighting product evaluation benchmarking system, Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology has made new achievements in promoting LED industry. During the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, under the unified deployment and promotion of the Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province, a large number of semiconductor lighting application demonstration projects have been promoted in the province, and rich industrial practical experience has been accumulated in this process. In the 12th Five Year Plan, LED lighting is promoted as a strategic emerging industry in Guangdong Province. The special fund for the development of LED industry alone is no less than 450 million yuan every year

Ye Jingtu said that the development of led enterprises in Guangdong Province not only has a good industrial foundation, but also has gathered a large number of outstanding talents in the industry. Coupled with the strong support of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government and local governments at all levels, the time is ripe for the Provincial Department of science and technology to launch the research and organization and implementation of the "LED lighting standard optical component project" in time. Regardless of the strength of software and hardware, it is unmatched by other regions

(source: spike optoelectronics correspondent: Jiang Junpeng: Zhang Huijuan)


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