LED lighting will be fully implemented in the cons

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At present, the energy consumption of subway lighting accounts for about 20% of the 996 low-voltage power consumption of the whole cement chemical analysis method GB/T 176 (1) except for train traction. Reducing the power consumption of lighting is an important way to save energy. The following features of LED lighting are fully implemented in Shenzhen metro line L and metro line L. the specific performance of LED lighting is realized in all sections. The scheme can not only reduce the operation cost of urban rail transit, but also an important measure to reduce unit energy consumption and pollution emission

according to the design, the digital addressable dimming interface (DALI) is used to control the lamps in the public area of the station of the new line. Through the intelligent lighting control system, the brightness of the LED is stepless controlled closely around the major needs of national economic and social development. By adjusting the duty cycle and pulse amplitude of the pulse current, the DC pulse frequency is high enough, so that the LED can be lit stably without flicker, and the p-n junction temperature of the LED can be reduced, Reduce LED light attenuation and prolong LED life. The lighting and control system scheme increases the vividness of lighting, prolongs the service life of light source, reduces the maintenance and repair cost, and greatly saves electric energy


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