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The action of dealers selling paint recycling bar codes provokes criticism

paint is sold to customers, and bar code recycling is worth money. Is there really such a good thing? A few days ago, Ms. Lu, a reader, called the evening news to express her doubts about why the merchants' recycling barcode interface and packaging are mild. Is it to ask for rebates from the manufacturers or to resort to fraud and gimmicks. In this regard, the manufacturer made it clear that it does not approve of the dealers' action of recycling bar codes

recently, Miss Lu often went to the city building materials market to buy building materials during the rush period for the decoration of her new home. "It's a shop that specializes in painting. It has threeorfour facades. It looks very formal." In early January, Miss Lu bought three barrels of Pigeon Brand super sensitive white paint at the store. "After I paid the money, I was ready to leave. The salesperson said that the barcode area of the outer package on the paint bucket could be cut off and sold to the store. Three barcodes could deduct 10 yuan in cash." Miss Lu wondered why the store was recycling bar codes. Originally, I trusted this store, but the salesperson said so, which made me suspicious. "

recently, we contacted happy paint (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. the manufacturer attached great importance to this and immediately investigated the sales points. After investigation, this shop located in Chengda building materials market is indeed one of the dealers of pigeon brand paint. "As the Spring Festival approaches, we offer incentives to dealers with high sales volume. Individual dealers only recycle the bar code in order to prove that their combined use of Ferrography and spectrum can complement each other. At the same time, we think that the practice of recycling the bar code is inappropriate, which is easy to cause consumer speculation and damage the corporate image." For this practice, manufacturer 3. Balancing machine (including field balancing instrument); The dealer will be coordinated for improvement

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