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[] in recent years, with the further rise of house prices, buying a house has become a heavy burden for the post-80s generation. After finally collecting the money to pay the down payment to the house, the expensive decoration cost has become another difficulty they face. In response to this huge market demand, some home decoration companies in Shenyang have made signs of zero down payment and low down payment, which is very tempting for post-80s families in Shenyang

however, the reporter found that the zero down payment is not the Savior in recent days, and a large number of small and medium-sized home decoration companies deceive consumers under the guise of zero down payment. Earlier this year, some of the post-80s generation who just completed the decoration through zero down payment moved happily into their new home. However, due to many house decoration problems, their living mood was as if it was cold every day after winter

I thought I could run away from the monk but not the temple. Who would have thought that if the monk ran away, the temple would disappear. Two weeks ago, Ms. Han, who lives in Taishan community, Huanggu District, encountered a decoration scam that made her cry without tears. This autumn, Ms. Han, who first decorated, chose a medium-sized decoration company with a quotation of only 15000 yuan in order to save money. Ms. Han, 26, believes that the company's price is more cost-effective. More importantly, the company claims to decorate first and then pay. At the same time, it also promises a one-year warranty. After Ms. Han moved into her newly decorated house, she found that there were constant problems with the size of the decoration. At first, the decoration company also came to the door for maintenance. Just two weeks ago, the company suddenly evaporated

in recent years, there have been many cases of monks running away and temples disappearing in Shenyang home decoration industry. According to the person in charge of Shenyang Yuanzhou decoration company, there are more than 600 small and medium-sized home decoration companies in Shenyang at present. Nearly 30% of the companies close down every year due to high survival pressure and lack of core competitiveness

according to the survey, in the face of fierce market competition, these small and medium-sized home decoration companies will try their best to launch new selling points in order to survive. Some of these companies broke the rules and attracted consumers by means of zero down payment and two-year warranty. However, this practice requires enterprises to advance funds to pay for materials and labor costs. Once the enterprises have cost pressures, the risks brought by these pressures are likely to be passed on to consumers. A few home decoration companies use defective materials to make profits, and evaporate after getting the money after completing the project to avoid responsibility

in September this year, Mr. Liu and his girlfriend, born in 1985, finally paid the down payment for their new house with the help of their parents. It's difficult to get the house. There's no money left for decoration. While worrying, Mr. Liu found a home decoration company claiming zero down payment beside Jianshe Road. Mr. Liu happily signed an agreement with the company. Who knows, as soon as the company entered the site, it asked Mr. Liu for a material fee of 30000 yuan, and claimed that there was only zero down payment for labor costs. The decoration company works carelessly, but the material cost is surprisingly high. As a last resort, Mr. Liu dismissed the company, but was overcharged for 6500 yuan

according to the person in charge of Shenyang Yuanzhou decoration company, due to the large amount of funds required for workers' mobilization and material use in the initial stage of decoration, an agreement has been formed in Shenyang home decoration industry for many years, that is, the down payment is generally 55% of the full amount of home decoration. However, in order to attract customers, some home decoration companies in Shenyang have issued the sign of zero down payment. They are mainly aimed at post-80s families




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