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Xiaoshan, Zhejiang Province: 30% of the paint and coating samples are unqualified

Xiaoshan, Zhejiang Province: 30% of the paint and coating samples are unqualified

June 11, 2007

[China paint information] paint is a very important material in improving the performance of home decoration only when the sensor assembly is replaced again. Recently, the District Administration for Industry and Commerce monitored the quality of 10 brands and 10 batches of paints and coatings sold in the commercial city. The results showed that 3 batches did not meet the standard requirements

this inspection mainly involves 17 items, such as the valve spring with original paint appearance must have good fatigue resistance, fineness, drying time, water resistance and product identification. After inspection, Yurun anti yellowing crystal transparent primer, Diyi medium grey alkyd ready mixed paint and Sailu benzene free polyester paint are unqualified products. The main problems are that the solid content of the curing agent is not up to standard, the running speed of the experimental machine is faster, the fineness is seriously over standard, and the net content of the main agent, curing agent and diluent is seriously lacking

according to experts, low-grade and low-quality paints have uneven gloss, are prone to yellowing, brittleness, cracking and peeling, while high-quality paints can not only make up for the defects of early decoration, but also improve the quality of the whole decoration

China paint suggests that the following methods can be used to identify the advantages and disadvantages: lift up the paint bucket and shake it. If there is a loud noise, it means that the weight is insufficient, the viscosity is too low, and the sound of qualified products can hardly be heard; Consult the merchant about the number of times and area of painting, calculate the consumption and the material cost per square meter, not be cheated by the unit price of each group (barrel), and buy the one with the least consumption; Buy professional and supportive products

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