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Industrial hose pump has been successfully applied in the wet production of gold

industrial pump products are the main equipment for conveying fluid media. Many factors such as different media concentration, different pH, particle size and so on affect the normal operation of the pump. Pump selection is very important. It affects production costs, labor intensity and other issues, and is directly related to the normal operation of production

industrial pumps are the main equipment for conveying fluid media. Many factors such as different media concentration, different pH, particle size and so on affect the normal operation of the pump. Pump selection is very important. It affects production costs, labor intensity and other issues, and is directly related to the normal operation of production. Especially in the chemical, smelting, mining, pharmaceutical and other industries, there are special requirements for the stability, balance and no leakage of the transmission process, and the selection of pumps is more stringent

China Gold Henan Sanmenxia Zhongyuan smelter has been expanding its enterprise scale in recent years, and its production can be carried out in a balanced and stable manner. Sulfuric acid production and final transaction can occupy a place in the general non-ferrous smelting industry. The key is to straighten out the production process, and solve the production taboos in the past, such as continuous on-off and equipment accidents, The main benefit of this is that the timer automatically saves the experimental time, and delasco series imported hose pumps are introduced and used in the process transformation

the continuous and stable development of production depends on the continuous improvement of process flow, the application of advanced science and technology and effective equipment in the transformation, and the equipment runs through the whole process flow. No matter how advanced the technology is, it is useless to realize it without matching equipment

I. background of the introduction of hose pump

a large amount of oil spills around the human piston or oil leaks from high-pressure pipes; Our awareness of environmental protection has been enhanced and our understanding of cost saving has been improved. In 1994, we transformed an old sulfuric acid system in the early stage of the plant construction, changing the past sulfuric acid production process from one conversion and one absorption to two conversion and two absorption, so as to improve the recovery rate of disulfide. The SO2 conversion rate is increased from 96% to more than 99%. The SO2 in the vent tail gas meets the national emission standard. At the same time, the dry feeding method is changed to the slurry feeding method to solve the problem of mineral dust flying loss. Add water to the concentration of gold concentrate powder (-200 mesh, more than 60%) and then pump it to the slurry distribution tank of the fluidized bed furnace and send it to the fluidized bed furnace for roasting

improper pump selection makes it difficult to ensure the balanced and stable feeding of the fluidized bed furnace. The production has been on and off, the on-site pulp flows everywhere, the metal loss is serious, the labor intensity of workers is too great, the suffering is unbearable, the cost is very high, and the production in winter is even more difficult

through in-depth research, similar foreign enterprises use hose pumps for feeding, and a domestic enterprise using slurry method for feeding has introduced hose pumps. The equipment and spare parts are expensive, and the cycle of buying pumps from abroad is long. It is impossible to buy pumps from foreign markets, so we can only face the domestic market. After many investigations, we bought two earliest hose pumps in April 1995 for the feeding of fluidized bed boilers, and the effect is good

the introduction of this pump solves the problems that cannot be solved by other pumps. At the same time, it is welcomed by the majority of cadres and workers with its advantages of portability, low price, no leakage and low maintenance cost

II. Scope of use of hose pump

the fluidized bed furnace realizes continuous, balanced and stable feeding to ensure the start-up rate of the sulfuric acid system. However, gold, silver, copper and other metals need to be further extracted from the roasted residue. The failure of balanced feeding and discharging also restricts the normal production

1. Diaphragm pump, centrifugal ceramic pump and centrifugal engineering plastic pump have been used in the acid leaching tank of the acid leaching section to transport the acid medium with a solidification ratio of about 1.5:1, containing sulfuric acid g/t and a specific gravity of 2.05 to the thickener for sedimentation, and the effect has been unsatisfactory. The untimely discharge of the pulp in the acid leaching tank has caused the blockage of the dust collection system, and equipment accidents may also occur. Once the discharge pump breaks down, it is impossible for the fluidized bed boiler and dust collection section to stop in a short time without discharging into the acid leaching tank, and accidents such as shaft twisting and shaft breaking of the acid leaching tank will occur from time to time. To change this situation, through analysis, research and practical application comparison, we selected delasco series hose pump, which achieved very ideal effect, realized continuous and balanced feeding, and also reduced the maintenance cost and labor intensity of workers

2. The acid leaching thickener and thickener also have the problem of material balance. Since the feeding is realized by the hose pump continuously and evenly, the discharging must also be realized by the hose pump, otherwise the thickener will easily cause mechanical accidents due to the accumulation of material, and the workload of maintenance workers will increase, resulting in the phenomenon of operators mining in the thickener. Using the hose pump, the material in and out balance is controlled. The speed of the feed pump and the speed of the discharge pump are adjusted by the frequency converter in proportion to ensure the uniform flow and realize the balanced production

3. Reflecting the advantages of scale, the tailings after washing by the multi-layer thickener should be transported together for unified dehydration treatment, which puts forward such a requirement for the delivery of pulp, that is, whether it can accept the test of long-distance and high head. We install a hose pump at an altitude of 62.9 meters, and pump the pulp with a concentration of 55%-60% and a specific gravity of about 1.4 to an altitude of about 96.5, with a delivery distance of 2500 meters. Several years of operation has proved that the pump meets the needs, At the same time, relying on the working characteristics of the hose pump, the phenomenon of "pipe sitting" in the transmission pipeline is solved

4. The hose pump sewage treatment also increasingly reflects its own advantages. Acidic wastewater needs to be neutralized with Ca (OH) 2, while lime inevitably contains limestone particles such as CaCO3, which are very easy to block the flow path of the centrifugal pump impeller, causing a series of problems such as shutdown and maintenance. The hose pump is a positive displacement pump, and its rubber hose is acid and alkali resistant, and is not afraid of blockage and non marking

in addition, the hose pump is also used in the acid sludge discharge process. In short, the hose pump has become an irreplaceable fluid medium transmission equipment in various production lines

practice has proved that diaphragm pumps and centrifugal pumps are difficult to achieve these goals, while hose pumps are easy to achieve. In winter, the author believes that the minimum frequency band should also be greater than 10Hz. Production is a difficult quarter for the hydrometallurgy industry. Improving the equipment operation rate is the key to production, and improving the automation level is the top priority of production. The number of personnel cannot replace the goal that modern equipment can achieve. Just like military training, to win a local war under high-tech conditions, we need to rely on the number of soldiers and the number of conventional weapons, and integrate modern technology into a cutting-edge weapon

III. precautions in the application process:

any equipment, like everything in the world, has its own advantages and disadvantages. The use of hose pump should first pay attention to the selection of supporting facilities from the selection of equipment. The key equipment to realize speed regulation of hose pump for flow adjustment is frequency converter or speed regulation motor, and the use of speed regulation motor has been replaced by frequency conversion speed regulation technology due to the shortcomings of large storage and maintenance and high failure rate. The correct selection of appropriate frequency conversion speed regulation facilities is an important link to give full play to the efficiency of hose pump

adopting correct maintenance methods and extending the service life of pumps and frequency converters are the basis for the smooth realization of the production process. First of all, choose an appropriate position to install the frequency converter to avoid contact with oil, water, pulp and other media to prevent accidents. Secondly, regularly provide methods and fault handling methods for the mechanical part according to the equipment instructions

IV. prospect of hose pump application

at present, our company has three sets of roasting systems and a direct system, as well as a 60kt sulfuric acid plant and a sewage treatment plant. A total of 42 sets of hose pumps are used, including 25 sets of frequency conversion and speed regulation machines and 14 sets of speed regulation motors. They are playing a decisive role in different production links

hose pump chemical industry, medicine, cement, non-ferrous metallurgy, mining and other industries have been more and more recognized by users, and will continue to give full play to its own advantages and make its contribution to China's economic construction

v. conclusion

"if you want to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools". In the field of fluid medium transportation, especially in the production process of high concentration and high head, the hose pump will give full play to its unique advantages and bring about the production revolution of fluid medium transportation at the same time. The hose pump has been developed from scratch, never recognized by people, and gradually recognized. It has been several years in China. From our own application, the introduction of this product has changed the problems existing in the past production process and avoided many accidents

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