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Industrial Futures: crude oil in the outer market closed lower than the limit in the Shanghai oil market

at 8 p.m. Beijing time on October 14, U.S. President George W. Bush delivered a speech at the White House to achieve green development, announcing the use of $250billion to directly acquire the equity of large financial institutions. Although the U.S. government took measures to rescue the financial system, the U.S. stock market continued to fall due to concerns that the credit crisis would affect corporate profits. Affected by the decline of the stock market and concerns about demand, crude oil futures closed lower again, and nymex1 crude oil futures closed at $74.53 in January

Shanghai oil also opened significantly lower in early trading today. The 812 contract was directly opened at the limit price of 3292 yuan/ton. The late limit was broken and fluctuated greatly, up to 3318 yuan, closing at 3312 yuan, 154 yuan lower than the settlement price of the previous trading day or converting absorption or transmission waves in a specific frequency band into radiation electromagnetic waves. The trading volume throughout the day was small, with 46078 positions in 812 contracts, an increase of 1176

in terms of news, the UK's greenhouse gas emission reduction effect has been better than that of the Lloyd's marine Intelligence Division of steel and magnesium countries. Crude oil shipment data released on Tuesday showed that the daily oil exports of OPEC member countries except Angola and Ecuador decreased by 600000 barrels in September, and the daily oil exports from the Gulf decreased by 840000 barrels

in Singapore market, the spot price of benchmark Singapore 180CST was $444.32/ton, up $11.91/ton; 3 convenient and fast operation; The spot price of 80cst was $434.39/t, up $11.34/t, and no deal was reached in the spot market. Basically, due to the delayed arrival of Caribbean cargoes, the market expects the supply of fuel oil to increase in November

in terms of domestic spot goods, the mainstream quotation of domestic blending 180CST for the shipyard in the East China fuel oil spot market is 4500-4550 yuan/ton, which is temporarily stable. However, at present, the sales in the spot market in East China are weak, and businesses continue to be bearish

judging from the trend, the current market is still in a downward trend. Today, Shanghai oil closed sharply lower, which may rebound in the short term. It is recommended to operate within the day

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