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Industrial interconnection boosts cloud intelligent manufacturing industry recently, at the industrial interconnection Summit Forum, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation officially released the industrial interconnection cloud platform - Indics, which is the only cloud platform in China that provides intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing, and cloud manufacturing public services

indics platform can provide complete industrial interconnection service functions covering IAAs (infrastructure as a service), DAAS (data as a service), PAAS (platform as a service) and SaaS (software and services), which is suitable for enterprises of different levels, types and sizes; It can support the access of various industrial equipment, integrate various industrial application services, build a benign industrial ecosystem, and make manufacturing management more convenient and efficient; A complete security guarantee system for industrial interconnection covering equipment security, network security, control security, application security, data security and commercial security has been established

seize the "window period" of industrial interconnection development

indics is an open industrial interconnection platform driven by industrial big data and centered on cloud computing, big data and IOT technology, which can realize the comprehensive interconnection and integration of products, machines, data and people. "At present, the platform is technically at the same level as the mindsphere cloud platform of Siemens in Germany and the predix cloud platform of General Electric in the United States, but the platform has richer functions and application scenarios, and has obvious advantages in the speed and effectiveness of promotion and application." Gaohongwei, chairman of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, said

according to experts, industrial interconnection is a global industrial innovation carrier integrating Internet technology, IOT technology, cloud computing technology, artificial intelligence technology, big data acquisition and mining technology. The industrial Internet cloud platform launched by general motors of the United States and Siemens of Germany has been applied to all processes of manufacturing research and development, production, management, marketing, logistics, services and so on, constantly promoting the continuous reform of manufacturing research and development innovation system, production organization mode and operation management mode

Gao Hongwei said that China has a relatively perfect manufacturing system, complete business and complete industrial chain, and is in the critical stage of transformation and upgrading. We must seize the "window period" of industrial interconnection development. Indics can not only meet the needs of various enterprises for industrial cloud platforms, but also meet the needs of the integrated development of new generation information technology and industry

focusing on the current situation of China's industrial Internet cloud platform, China has formulated the "made in China 2025" and the "Internet +" action strategy, which organically combines industrial revolution, international competition and national development, accelerates the effective transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, and seizes the commanding height of a new round of industrial competition

enterprises build industrial interconnection platforms

driven by the made in China 2025 strategy, "interconnection + manufacturing" has become the transformation direction of traditional industries. More and more enterprises have begun to build industrial interconnection platforms, using cloud computing and sensor technology to realize the data management of industrial equipment operation

b2b industrial interconnection is the future driving force for the transformation and upgrading of "interconnection + manufacturing" in key industrial fields. With the help of big data analysis, we can improve the circulation speed of the entire transaction chain in the industrial field, so as to build a safe, efficient and economic industrial service system. "But in the process of building industrial interconnection, people still face many challenges." Zhu Liang, senior partner of Yunhai HuiFu, introduced at the 2017 industrial service cloud platform + AI innovation seminar

there are many circulation links of industrial products in China. In order to successfully reach the buyer from the manufacturer, the product must go through at least several transactions, such as from the manufacturer to the origin wholesaler, then to the local wholesaler, then to the retail store, and finally to the buyer

the long sales chain makes it impossible to form direct and effective communication between manufacturers and products, Zhu Liang explained. "Industrial interconnection is to solve the above pain points, so that manufacturers and buyers can have a direct and effective dialogue, but to achieve this goal, the first thing to do is to simplify the circulation of industrial products and integrate the links that can be integrated." Zhu Liang said

in 2015, Yunhai HuiFu launched Yunhai e-service handheld industrial cloud service platform, which provides a multi-layer direct information service platform for industrial production and industrial equipment service industry, manufacturing industry, and has a number of research and development in the fields of "equipment maintenance + consumables sales", "equipment maintenance + automatic early warning", "geographical location information + key data" and so on

using industry 7. Large deformation indication error: within ± 1% of the indication, the Internet cloud platform Indics is transformed into intelligent manufacturing to produce Chengdu nock. Originally, 6 people were required to operate 4 devices every day. Now, except for coding, the rest operations are automatically carried out by the mechanical arm. In the intelligent manufacturing area in its workshop: the robot can accurately complete a process that requires half an hour to be equipped manually in 10 minutes; The automatic detection equipment can complete the whole process of device, detection and screening in 10 seconds; Production monitoring equipment can monitor the implementation of production plans and equipment operation in real time

through the industrial Internet cloud platform, the production strength and product quality of the enterprise are clear at a glance. On the contrary, enterprises can also understand the manufacturing demand of other regions and find more supply opportunities for them

"cloud" smart manufacturing

as the competent department of the industry, the Department of information technology and software services of the Ministry of industry and information technology has always attached great importance to the development of industrial Internet cloud platforms

Li Ying, inspector of the Department of informatization and software services, said when introducing the work of the Ministry of industry and information technology in recent years that his department has promoted the issuance of policy documents such as the guiding opinions of the State Council on deepening the integrated development of manufacturing industry and Internet, the opinions on promoting the innovative development of cloud computing and cultivating new business forms of the information industry, and the three-year action plan for the development of cloud computing (year), which clearly takes the industrial Internet cloud platform as the development focus, Actively create a good industrial development environment

the Ministry of industry and information technology organized the pilot work of industrial Internet cloud platform in 16 provinces and cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, to improve the level of R & D and design, collaborative marketing and supply chain management in the manufacturing sector, and accelerate the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization

the Ministry of industry and information technology also continued to support backbone enterprises to accelerate the R & D and industrialization of key technologies of industrial Internet cloud platforms, and has built a number of industrial Internet cloud platforms for raw materials, equipment manufacturing, consumer goods and other sub sectors, with remarkable results

talking about the next step in the development of China's industrial interconnection in the future, Li Ying said that on the one hand, we should speed up the construction of industrial interconnection cloud platform by building a platform and driving it with two wheels, take the platform as the core content of industrial interconnection, build a national industrial interconnection platform, establish a competitive mechanism of survival of the fittest and dynamic adjustment, promote the expansion and strengthening of national industrial interconnection platform, and encourage the platform to land in industrial clusters, Support local governments to encourage cloud transformation of enterprises, build platform capabilities, and build technology, industry, talent support systems and business models that work together with a large number of applicable two-way iterations of the platform through fiscal and tax support and government purchase of services

on the other hand, it is necessary to combine the short board with ecological construction, speed up the construction of industrial Internet cloud platform, focus on the short board, implement the software engineering of industrial technology, promote the research, development and industrialization of core technologies such as intelligent sensors, industrial control systems, industrial operating systems, emerging industrial software, and microservices, and implement the million app cultivation project, Within 3 to 5 years, 60% to 80% of the fractures in aviation engineering are caused by the fatigue failure of structural materials, and about 1million industrial apps are cultivated in specific industries and specific scenes

in addition, we should promote the programming of industrial experience, the dominance of industrial knowledge and the cloud computing of industrial intelligence. Give full play to the advantages of industrial alliances and industry associations in integrating industrial chain resources, cultivate professional talent teams, create a good development environment, and create a new ecosystem of industrial interconnection platforms through the construction of testing and verification platforms, the cultivation of open source communities, the holding of developer competitions, and the promotion of cooperation between platforms

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