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Industrial interconnection comprehensively improves the development level of the sensor industry

on March 4, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee stressed the need to speed up the construction of 5g, data centers, industrial interconnection and other new infrastructure. This undoubtedly makes industrial interconnection and its upstream and downstream industries enter the fast lane of development

sensors are the eyes, ears, nose and tongue of industrial equipment, and are considered to be the foundation and core of industrial interconnection. Industrial interconnection and sensors are complementary and mutually reinforcing relationships with the mediation and upgrading of household assets in the wake of economic tensions among the people, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and so on. Sensors are the collection entry of industrial interconnection data and the foundation and key components of industrial interconnection; The industrial interconnection platform provides a platform for data cleaning, storage, exchange and Value Mining for the data collected by sensors, and promotes the application of data in a wider range, wider fields and deeper levels

Industrial interconnection puts forward higher requirements for sensors

at present, there are small, scattered, chaotic and weak problems in the development of China's sensor industry. Small refers to the small scale, late start, weak technical foundation, follow-up technology, most of the cutting-edge technologies are in the hands of European and American countries, and the scientific and technological innovation ability is low. Scattered refers to the fact that China's sensor enterprises fight independently, the industrial chain is loose, the degree of industrial integration and agglomeration is not high, and there is no resultant force. Chaos refers to the chaos of the sensor market, the lack of unified production standards and unified product performance evaluation standards, and it is difficult for industrial enterprises to judge the advantages and disadvantages when purchasing. Weak means that China's sensor industry has not formed enough large-scale applications, the price of a single sensor is high, and the market competitiveness is weak

the application of industrial interconnected sensors involves a wider range of applications, which poses a greater challenge to the number and industrialization of sensors

first, industrial interconnection puts forward higher requirements for the acquisition density and accuracy of sensors (acquisition density). In the case of high-speed rotation of industrial equipment, the frequency of data acquisition is high, the amount of data collected is large, and it is stable for a long time of 7 * 24 hours, so as to prevent data loss and ensure lossless full-time acquisition

second, industrial interconnection puts forward more stringent requirements for the operating environment of sensors (operating environment). In the industrial production scene, the strength and wear resistance are increased by appropriate heat treatment process Sometimes, special steel is inlaid at the jaw, or steel sand is sprayed on the jaw surface In this case, the sensor needs to have the ability to withstand high temperature and extreme cold temperature, salt corrosion and acid-base corrosion, humidity, flying sand and dust, violent vibration and impact, and noise

third, industrial interconnection puts forward higher requirements for the intelligence of sensors (intelligence level). The single output function of traditional sensors has been difficult to meet the differentiated needs of industrial interconnected users. The new sensors need to have the functions of data acquisition, data storage, communication transmission, statistical analysis, self compensation, self inspection, self correction, self diagnosis and so on

fourth, industrial interconnection puts forward higher requirements for localization of sensors. China's sensor industry is seriously hollowed out. 90% of high-end industrial sensors are monopolized by foreign manufacturers. Most Chinese manufacturers are in the middle and low-end fields, and there are data security risks. In the past, data leakage was limited to one plant and one enterprise. Under the background of full interconnection of industrial interconnection, data leakage may extend to the whole industrial chain, causing the loss of economic benefits of the whole industry

the new infrastructure has ushered in an important opportunity period for the sensor industry

the construction of industrial interconnection of new infrastructure has provided a historical opportunity for the high-quality development of China's sensor industry, which will have an all-round, deep-seated and revolutionary impact on the sensor industry, and China's sensor industry will usher in an important development opportunity period

first, the development of industrial interconnection has brought a huge market to China's sensor industry, driving the rise in sensor demand. Domestic sensor enterprises can seize the opportunity of the market, promote the application of sensors, enhance the strength of enterprises and expand the industrial scale

second, the development of industrial interconnection will connect the upstream and downstream of the sensor industry chain and realize the synergy of the industry chain. The upstream of the sensor industry chain is enterprises such as components, chips, circuits, microcontrollers and systems that can run multiple different tasks and test combination coating materials, the midstream is sensor packaging and manufacturing enterprises, and the downstream is sensor application enterprises. Based on the industrial interconnection platform, the comprehensive interconnection of the upstream and downstream of China's sensor industry chain will be realized, the industrial supporting capacity will be improved, and the industrial synergy will be formed

third, the development of industrial interconnection will promote the improvement of sensor technology. A mature technology and product cannot be separated from the repeated iterations in the application and promotion process and the continuous optimization of our first choice in the future. Industrial interconnection just provides a broad application market and industrial chain innovation ecosystem for sensor technology innovation

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