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Industrial interconnection is growing rapidly, and andI's scientific and technological innovation is escorting

recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the second three-year action plan for industrial interconnection, industrial interconnection innovation and development action plan (year) (hereinafter referred to as the plan). The plan points out that the year is a period of rapid growth of China's industrial interconnection. By 2023, the construction of new infrastructure for industrial interconnection will advance in both quantity and quality, new models and new formats will be promoted on a large scale, the comprehensive strength of the industry will be significantly improved, and the enhancement of security capability must also be one of the five major goals of the plan. The plan has laid out 11 key tasks according to the development goals, and the classified and hierarchical management of network security of industrial Internet enterprises has been clearly defined as an effective implementation method for the task of strengthening security assurance. The network security administration of the Ministry of industry and information technology immediately issued a notice on carrying out the pilot work of classified and hierarchical management of network security in industrial interconnected enterprises, and made an in-depth analysis of the management methods and work contents

the focus of this work is to improve the scientificity, effectiveness and operability of the rules and standards for classification and classification of network security of industrial interconnection enterprises, the classification process, and the series of protection specifications for industrial interconnection security, and speed up the construction of the network security classification and classification management system of industrial interconnection enterprises; Implement the main body of network security in pilot enterprises, and form a replicable and popularized classified and hierarchical management mode of industrial Internet security. For enterprises, it is necessary to consolidate the safety management and protection level of the industrial network from the aspects of organization management, safety protection, risk assessment, safety emergency and so on

as a scientific and innovative high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of industrial network safety technology, products and services under the background of networking, digitalization and intellectualization, andI technology has explored the safety needs and safety objectives under typical industrial scenes, and has comprehensively formed a multi-dimensional and full system industrial safety assurance capability in terms of safety protection, risk assessment and emergency response

1. Security protection

according to the characteristics of the industrial industry, andI technology aims to ensure the sustainability and stability of business, and ensures the safety of the industrial network to the greatest extent from multiple perspectives and dimensions, such as boundary protection, defense in depth, monitoring and audit, security early warning, etc

2. Situational awareness

picture at that time source: DuPont industrial interconnection security situational awareness is based on industrial network security big data and industrial key infrastructure data, supported by asset security assessment, IOT sensing data and Threat Intelligence. Through intelligent analysis technology, it can comprehensively perceive and accurately analyze ot network security threats, and comprehensively improve the discovery, identification, assessment and understanding of OT network security threats Situational awareness and response capabilities

3. Risk assessment

the central government sincerely hopes that all sectors of Hong Kong society will further promote unity under the leadership of the executive chair and the SAR Government

risk assessment is an inspection of the compliance of national key infrastructure, the toughness of solef brand PVDF homopolymer Chemical resistance and oxidation stability have been widely recognized by the world's leading membrane manufacturers. Vulnerability scanning and management are carried out for enterprise assets, bypass audit is carried out for ot network, real-time alarm is given for abnormal behavior, and professional rectification suggestions are provided according to the inspection results to help enterprise users fill vulnerabilities and eliminate potential safety hazards

4. Emergency response

network security emergency response is to plan and prepare in terms of management, technology and personnel with a clear understanding of the network security situation, the operation of the organization's network system and the threats faced, so that when a network security incident occurs, it can effectively respond and deal with it in time, reduce the losses of the organization, and improve the organization's countermeasures and plans to deal with network emergencies based on these experiences. Andi technology has been deeply involved in the industrial industry for many years, has rich experience in safety emergency response under industrial scenarios, and has participated in safety emergency response and safety assurance of major national activities for many times

with the rapid development of Andi technology, the business advantages of industrial users have been deeply cultivated and the technological advantages have evolved together. Products, services and solutions have been applied to thousands of key enterprises in more than 30 provinces and cities in China, covering industries such as electric power, petroleum, petrochemical, coal, tobacco, rail transit, intelligent manufacturing, etc., and comprehensively assist users to build tight coupling of business applications, strong correlation of user behavior Active defense and defense in depth security guarantee system with self-adaptive security risk. Keep improving, live up to the trust, innovate and surpass, andI technology will serve the business needs of users with exquisite skills and professionalism, and escort the safety of industrial networks

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