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Industrial interconnection and sensor development complement each other

in recent years, in order to promote the integrated development of artificial intelligence, big data, interconnection and economy, the concept of "industrial interconnection" came into being. So far, China's industrial interconnection market has reached 100 billion, and the annual double-digit growth is far ahead of the world average

as one of the core pillars of the development of the information industry, sensors are also the basis and key to the development of the joint development of the smaller side crack width of industrial mutual test pieces. The development of domestic sensors always affects the process of China's industrial interconnection, and the vigorous development of industrial interconnection will also bring huge development opportunities to domestic sensor enterprises

industrial interconnection has obvious stages of development from low-level to high-level. At present, the development of industrial interconnection in China is still in its infancy. It can only realize the network connection between enterprises outside the factory and upstream and downstream manufacturers, intelligent products and users. There is still a long way to go for the internal network platform and cloud construction of enterprises, as well as the more advanced digital world

however, no matter at which stage of development, it is inseparable from the wide application of sensors, and the requirements for sensors at different stages of the development of industrial interconnection are also different. In terms of current applications, sensors are mainly used by enterprises for data collection and analysis of the basis of industrial interconnection. With the deepening of the development stage of industrial interconnection, the requirements for sensor accuracy and related technologies will be higher and higher in the future

it can be said that the realization and development of industrial interconnection cannot be separated from the wide application and technological innovation of sensors, but on the contrary, industrial interconnection has also brought a huge market of experimental machines that you may be familiar with at ordinary times, including universal experimental machines, tensile experimental machines, pressure experimental machines and impact experimental machines. Industrial interconnection and sensor development complement each other

relevant data show that the scale of China's industrial Internet market reached 470.91 billion yuan in 2017, with a year-on-year increase of 13.6%. Under such a huge market scale and rapid growth, relevant institutions predict that the scale of China's sensor market will usher in further expansion. It is expected to double that of 2017 in 2021, and the specific number will be close to 600billion

the new deal of industrial interconnection brings good news to the development of sensors

sensors, as an important component of automatic intelligent devices, as well as the foundation and key to the development of industrial interconnection, will take the lead in benefiting with the development of industrial interconnection. At present, the country is vigorously deploying and developing industrial interconnection, which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for domestic sensor manufacturers

as early as 2017, the government issued the guiding opinions on deepening the development of "interconnection + advanced system to check whether the oil is mixed with air manufacturing", which has been highly praised by customers. Taking 2025, 2035 and 2050 as the time nodes, the government established the "three-step" plan for the development of industrial interconnection from the macro direction

on June 7 this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the action plan for the development of industrial interconnection (2018-2020) and the 2018 work plan of the industrial interconnection special working group, which put forward more detailed measures from the specific objectives and tasks, which can be seen as the specific implementation of the "three-step" plan. The national plan starts from two aspects: network construction and platform construction. On the one hand, we should upgrade and transform the internal and external networks of enterprises, and on the other hand, we should cultivate aircraft carrier level national platforms

among them, whether it is network or platform construction, the enterprises and industries selected by the state mainly involve key fields such as automobile, aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, light industrial appliances, information electronics, etc., which are generally the growth market of sensors. These fields are under key development and construction, which will be a great benefit to domestic sensors

domestic sensors need to make up for shortcomings and seize opportunities

however, industrial interconnection brings both development opportunities and challenges to domestic sensors

at present, the core technology of domestic sensors is missing, and the supply of high-end products is insufficient. There is a huge gap between products and foreign countries in terms of measurement accuracy, temperature, time, reliability and other indicators. Related products can barely meet the application in the primary stage of industrial interconnection. However, with the step-by-step implementation and promotion of the plan, domestic sensors need to catch up with the shortcomings to keep pace with the times

in addition, because domestic sensors and industrial interconnection complement each other, these shortcomings and problems not only limit the development of sensors themselves, but also hinder the process of industrial interconnection

therefore, only by grasping the existing policy dividends, strengthening enterprise cooperation, deepening international exchanges, taking advanced technologies, processes and materials as the development direction, adhering to R & D and innovation, and paying attention to core technologies, can sensor manufacturers in the future gain more shares in China's huge industrial Internet market

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