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Industrial interconnection enables the digital transformation of manufacturing industry and opens a new space for the value of digital economy

in recent years, the development of industrial interconnection in China has been in full swing. Manufacturing enterprises, automation enterprises, it enterprises, CT enterprises, Internet enterprises and academia have carried out a lot of research and practical exploration on industrial interconnection theory, technology, standards, products, solutions, business models, etc. Industrial interconnection is still in the early stage of development. Although people have different understanding, understanding and exploration paths for some aspects of it, all sectors of society believe that industrial interconnection represents the future development direction of the industry

I. recognition of the value of industrial interconnection

(I) industrial interconnection is building a new technological value system to promote industrial evolution and changes in the competitive pattern

from the development law of previous industrial revolutions, each technological evolution and replacement, combined with commercial innovation, has triggered systematic changes in industry, economy and society. Since the outbreak of the wave of information revolution, from the PC era dominated by Wintel to the mobile Internet era defined by Android +arm, the transformation of technological and economic paradigm has accelerated the industrial reshuffle and the replacement of the competition pattern. The world is welcoming the new era of interconnection of all things. As the product of the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, industrial interconnection is constantly innovating the way of knowledge precipitation and technology diffusion. It is exploring to break the original closed industrial technology system and interest pattern, and reconstruct the value ecosystem of industrial full factor connection, optimal allocation of resources, industrial integration, innovation and cooperation. According to GSMA prediction, it is understood that the number of global industrial interconnection equipment connections will reach 13.8 billion by 025. Accenture predicts that by 2030, industrial interconnection will bring more than $15trillion in growth to the global economy. As a new track for many enterprises in the world, industrial interconnection should seize the opportunity of the third wave of information revolution to reshape the industrial competition pattern

(II) industrial interconnection promotes the development of specialized industrial services and creates an open collaborative ecosystem suitable for the development of the digital economy

Industrial interconnection is not to build a universal platform, but to support the development of economic society through more specialized division of labor and seamless cooperation. On the one hand, as decades ago, automobile manufacturers decoupled the automobile production process, forming the current huge automobile industry chain. Industrial interconnection has continuously decoupled industrial demand, accelerated the platform and service-oriented development of industrial MRO services, energy consumption management, safety management and other businesses, and formed a new service industry in subdivided fields. On the other hand, the complexity of digital transformation of industrial enterprises is high, so the requirements for business demand understanding, development ability and mutual trust are higher than those of to C services. It is necessary to cooperate with manufacturing enterprises, automation service providers, information technology service providers, engineering technology service providers, etc., give full play to their respective advantages, and create a data-driven system solution integrating technology, organization and management, Realize the effect that the overall function is greater than the sum of all parts, so as to improve the performance and overall efficiency of the industry tested by industrial enterprises according to the needs of flexible packaging film, and create greater value

(III) the development of industrial interconnection requires a long growth cycle, and the application of iterative upgrading must promote the germination of new values.

Industrial interconnection is the attribute of new digital infrastructure. The early investment is large and the cycle is long. Industrial interconnection enables the network effect and value of industrial digitalization, networking and intelligent development. Only after the tipping point appears can it form a breaking trend. On the one hand, the birth and development of the key enabling technology of industrial interconnection need cultivation period. If the enabling technology is not mature enough, it is difficult to make products with real application value, and it needs to conform to the objective law of technological development and change. On the other hand, in the long run, the greatest value of industrial interconnection is to realize the amplification of resources, markets, time and benefits under the network effect, and fully release the potential of digital economy. Throughout history, the core value brought by Internet today is far more than the basic information services provided by Internet in the 1990s. In the industrial field, due to its complexity, the process of network effect will be slower, and car couplets appear only after cars have been on the road for more than 100 years. Industrial interconnection needs to constantly explore the application of new scenarios, new industries and new fields, stimulate the vitality of technological and industrial innovation and development, and accelerate the formation of new models and new formats with more economic and social value

II. The innovative application of industrial interconnection has begun to show results. The industry is actively exploring for depth and breadth.

the industrial interconnection track is attracting more and more players. In recent three years, the number of financing times, financing scale and the number of investment institutions of China's industrial interconnection have continued to rise. In 2019, 55 companies in the field of industrial interconnection received financing, including aerospace cloud, Shugen Internet, Inspur cloud, XCMG information Heilkaos and dozens of other enterprises have obtained financing of more than 100 million yuan. China's industrial interconnection is moving from concept popularization to practice. Application scenarios such as core business operation optimization, production support capacity improvement, and socialized resource collaboration are moving from pilot to promotion, and a number of effective and replicable solutions have emerged, promoting new production methods, new cooperation modes, and new service industries, and supporting the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry

first, to solve the traffic entry of industrial interconnection, asset management has become the most widely used scenario at present. On the one hand, ensuring the normal operation of equipment is the premise of production and manufacturing. The traditional mode of regular maintenance of equipment has high maintenance cost and great difficulty. On the other hand, solving the problem of equipment interconnection is the entrance of industrial interconnection applications. The specialized management around equipment can accelerate the service-oriented transformation of industrial enterprises. For example, the one-stop precision tool grinding app, which won the first prize in the first China Industrial interconnection competition, based on Foxconn's more than 10 years of experience in using tool equipment, has realized the functions of machine adjustment and line change, error compensation, intelligent maintenance, life prediction, tool recycling, etc., managed 12million tools for more than 10 enterprises, and achieved an economic benefit of more than 10billion yuan in three years. Dongfang Guoxin photovoltaic cloud intelligent remote operation and maintenance solution helps the power station reduce the operation and maintenance personnel by 10%, and brings nearly 20million economic benefits to the enterprise a year

second, industrial interconnection focuses on the pain points of industrial enterprises, which has become an important way to promote the real economy to reduce costs and send special personnel to monitor the improvement of quality and efficiency. In terms of process optimization, Ali helped Liuguo chemical industry to use artificial intelligence to assist in the adjustment of production parameters, improve the extraction rate of phosphoric acid by 1.2%, bring economic benefits of more than 6million yuan per year, save 6000 tons of phosphate rock and reduce 10000 tons of solid waste emissions. In terms of flexible manufacturing, Guangdong Pangu information technology helped Dongguan Suntech electronics implement flexible manufacturing, improve the overall production efficiency by 13%, optimize 70% of common materials, repeat warehousing and other operations, and reduce direct manpower by 28%. In terms of quality management, Yanxiang provides quality management solutions, uses machine vision to judge the inspection results of LCD panels and realize product traceability. Each inspection line reduces inspectors, and the product yield increases by 1%

third, industrial interconnection establishes a collaborative mechanism to improve the response speed of the industrial chain to market demand. Industrial interconnection provides a new cooperation mechanism between industrial enterprises and service providers, blurs organizational boundaries, promotes factor flow, improves the efficiency of resource allocation upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and drives the improvement of total factor productivity. On the one hand, promote the collaborative linkage of upstream and downstream enterprises to shorten the delivery cycle. UFIDA automobile collaborative manufacturing solution has achieved the collaboration of Volkswagen automobile factory, more than 100 suppliers and 15 labor companies. The average daily material throughput is about 650000 pieces, with an increase of 22% in output and a decrease of 31% in personnel. On the other hand, we should promote user participation and order production by order. CLP provides personalized customized solutions for shoe and clothing enterprises. According to consumer data feedback, it develops and designs mixed brands, mixed colors and mixed models, so as to achieve zero inventory of finished shoes, and the production cycle of single products is less than 2 hours

fourth, industrial interconnection fosters new models and formats, and helps transform old and new drivers. Industrial interconnection helps enterprises summarize innovative practices in digital transformation, so that innovation is not only a separate pilot, but also forms new models and new formats through the replication and promotion of industrial interconnection, and expands to other fields. On the one hand, explore the mode output path and promote cross-border cooperation between manufacturing and other industries. For example, the mass customization solution of Haier cosmoplat platform has been applied and promoted in home appliances, automobiles, electronics, equipment and other industries. The overall solution of sindar smart travel helps RV enterprises reduce the order delivery cycle from 35 days to 20 days, and generates 50% more revenue for RV and camping enterprises. On the other hand, we should give full play to the potential of the integration and application of new technologies, promote the in-depth cooperation between industry and financial services, provide data analysis and prediction references for insurance companies' underwriting and pricing, provide users with dynamic insurance pricing based on data, and help judge 13 fake cases within 3 months through intelligent underwriting decisions, reducing losses by millions of yuan

third, strengthen confidence and persevere in promoting the innovative development of industrial interconnection

Industrial interconnection is a complex giant system, and industrial development cannot be achieved overnight. In the current initial stage of development, it is also necessary to combine vision with reality, path exploration and unified understanding, maintain work endurance, perseverance and perseverance, and promote the government, industry, investment, academia and other parties to form a joint force and integrate development, We will continue to achieve new results

first, combine the business needs and application scenarios of enterprise digital transformation, promote all parties to jointly tackle key problems, and realize the two wheel drive and iterative evolution of technology and application. Second, establish standardized information modeling interfaces and methodologies to promote resource agglomeration, interconnection and open sharing of various elements. Third, formulate an evaluation mechanism for industrial Internet service providers, scientifically evaluate service capabilities, form positive market feedback, and create a benign development environment. The fourth is to summarize the refining workers' typical experience and mode of inter-bank interconnection according to the experimental methods and scope of application, develop and form standards and methods and tools, and promote the large-scale promotion of industrial interconnection

(author: Xiao Linlin, Xia Yijun, National Industrial Information Development Research Center)

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