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Laser inner carving technology is another innovation in art glass processing and another great leap in art glass processing.

now is an era of rapid development. BMW has decided to take the following steps every moment: elimination and innovation. If you don't keep up with the pace of the times, you can only be eliminated. Only through continuous innovation can we become better and stronger. The glass industry is no exception. I believe everyone should know that art glass processing. Art glass processing is facing another innovation, that is, laser inner carving technology. I believe everyone is curious about what the laser inner carving process is. Let's learn about it now ~

the laser inner carving process is a new technology in the glass deep processing industry. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and high degree of automation. It can realize the digital standardized production of art glass. At the same time, it can monitor the operation remotely, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the working environment, At the same time, to improve the production efficiency and the qualified rate of products, the laser inner carving process is a leap in the traditional glass processing technology

the laser inner carving process has the following characteristics:

I Energy saving

the laser used in laser engraving is generally 2 to 5 watts, that is, the power consumed by the laser for 1000 hours is only 2 to 5 degrees. Plus, the time consumed by some mechanical transmission parts in an hour is only once. Compared with the traditional sand blasting engraving and silk printing process, the power consumption of more than ten or thirty or forty kilowatts is really a world away

II Automatic but perhaps highly automated

after the glass material is put in place, the whole engraving process is controlled by computer, which fully realizes automatic processing. Compared with the traditional sand blasting engraving, the labor intensity and noise are reduced. The laser inner engraving glass realizes standardization, digitization and networking, and can be operated by remote monitoring. The safety is greatly improved, which greatly reduces the comprehensive cost

III Environmental protection

the laser beam of laser engraving inside the vitreous body will not produce dust, volatile substances, cause a large number of emissions, do not need consumables, and produce almost no pollution to the external environment. This is a great improvement compared with the sand blasting engraving, silk printing, acid pickling of chuan23 metal materials system. In addition, the working environment of workers has also been greatly improved

every innovation is our great progress! Only by continuous innovation can we become better and stronger

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