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Laser rapid manufacturing technology

laser receiving target is set on the La working platform. Laser rapid manufacturing technology is a bridge between rapid manufacturing technology and traditional mold manufacturing. German Sauer product company can produce almost all parts drawn by CAD technology by using laser cusing rapid manufacturing technology, which greatly improves the economic benefits

Sauer product of Germany used m3 linear laser processing equipment produced by concept laser Co., Ltd. in its technology development center. The biggest feature of this equipment is that it has laser cusing laser rapid manufacturing technology. This laser rapid manufacturing equipment can be used to process complex geometric shapes and cooling channels that cannot be achieved by other processing technologies in mold manufacturing. The mold produced by this laser rapid manufacturing technology can shorten the production pace of plastic injection molding parts, so as to achieve higher economic benefits

raw materials

the raw materials used in the laser rapid manufacturing equipment are mixed metal powders, which can be completely melted under the irradiation of a special laser beam. In the production process of laser cusing laser rapid manufacturing process, these hybrid fiber-reinforced materials can be divided into carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) and other metal powders, and finally agglomerate into parts with complex geometry and mechanical properties comparable to "original" raw materials

at present, there are metal powders suitable for making high-quality steel and heat-resistant steel products, and metal powders suitable for aluminum alloy parts are under development. Because the market prospect of aluminum alloy parts is very broad, Sauer product company is full of confidence in the market prospect of aluminum alloy powder

processing process

laser cusing laser rapid manufacturing process uses the layer by layer method to manufacture workpieces, which only produces very small stress and deformation in the whole manufacturing process. The specific processing process is: metal powder layer by layer laying → layer by layer melting → layer by layer solidification, and the minimum thickness of each layer can reach 25 μ m。 According to the technical experts of concept laser Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of laser rapid manufacturing equipment, laser cusing laser rapid manufacturing technology is a bridge between rapid manufacturing technology and traditional mold manufacturing. In principle, this process technology can be used to produce all parts drawn by CAD technology, such as the cooling channel that turns with the rotation angle of the workpiece. This "turning" internal cavity cannot be completed by traditional drilling, milling or EDM processes, but now it can be completed by laser rapid manufacturing technology

combined with traditional processing Zhang Liyu said that the production management of laser rapid manufacturing process of Sauer product company believes that the most typical application of lasercusing laser rapid manufacturing process technology is to combine traditional mechanical processing with modern laser technology. In addition, the company also uses this laser rapid manufacturing process to make experimental molds. They combine traditional aluminum alloy manufacturing technology with laser rapid manufacturing technology

m3 linear laser processing equipment not only has laser cusing laser rapid manufacturing technology, but also has two other laser processing properties: the function of three-dimensional metal coating with laser beam and the function of metal and plastic coating, which reflects the laser surface coating function of the load energy parts of the car within a certain range. Using this laser processing equipment, the economic benefits of Sauer product in the field of plastic injection molding have been significantly improved

mature process technology

sauer product company has accumulated rich experience in this new laser rapid manufacturing process, but it still needs optimization and improvement in some aspects. At present, laser cusing laser rapid manufacturing technology is a mature technology that can be put to the market. At the same time, this technology needs to be further improved and optimized. In this regard, Sauer product company is working closely with conceptlaser Co., Ltd

company profile

sauer product is a subsidiary of Sauer (Sauer & Sons, Germany). In 2002, the company achieved a sales revenue of 1 million euros, 70% of which came from the automobile manufacturing industry. The company has two factories in dietburg: a mold manufacturing center with 85 employees and a technology development center with 20 employees, which provide a full set of production equipment and technology for the plastic processing and production process, including plastic molds produced in large quantities and samples produced with plastic molds

in the rapid manufacturing process technology, Sauer product company has mastered almost all feasible process technologies. In the field of laser sintering technology, the company is second to none, and has more than 10 years of application experience. Other core technologies of the company also include bimetallic material technology, that is, material manufacturing technology that requires both soft substrates and hard spots, and water internal pressure technology that can be used in the field of plastics. (end)

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