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Application of ultra-high temperature and low temperature integrated circulator

dfy-a series ultra-high temperature and low temperature integrated circulator can replace dry ice and liquid nitrogen for low-temperature reaction, and can be used as a low-temperature constant temperature water tank for viscosity measurement. There is a two-stage mixing and internal circulation system at the bottom to make the temperature in the tank more uniform. It can be used as a low-temperature and constant temperature circulating pump and provide a constant temperature cold source. For example, biopharmaceutical, chemical and food engineering need high-precision constant temperature experimental field source. It is widely used in experiments and appraisals in hospitals, scientific research, biology, etc

main uses:

1. Constant temperature and low temperature stirring reaction bath experiment of glass reactor/

2. Constant temperature experiment provided by petroleum, materials, biology, medicine and food industries will cause the loss of operation instructions

3. Low temperature cooling and temperature control of the motor part of the etching device

4. The increase or decrease of resistance indicates the direction of displacement to the power supply of electron microscope Low temperature cooling and temperature control for the light source part

5. Low temperature cooling and temperature control for the heating part of industrial mechanical devices

6. Low temperature cooling and temperature control for electrophoresis apparatus, viscometer, medical cold cap and cooling blanket

7. Low temperature cooling and temperature control for electron microscope, molecular pump, ion pump, diffusion pump and microwave treatment machine

main performance:

1. Closed circulation: cooling coil Circulating device of closed circuit such as thermal insulation casing

2. Space saving: compact design, desktop type, vertical type limited by the height of the experimental platform

3. Water cooled chiller: equipped with water-cooled chiller, because the fan is not used to exhaust heat, it has little impact on the environment. It is suitable for indoor use without air conditioning and ventilation equipment, and also suitable for use in dust-free rooms. The refrigeration system has a variety of protection devices such as time delay, overheating and overcurrent. All imported original high-quality devices ensure reliability and service life. Vortex flowmeter

4. Equipped with imported high-pressure pump: the pipe size is long, which can smoothly carry out long-distance circulation, cooling or thermostatic external test containers or establish a second thermostatic field

5. High density corrosion-resistant materials: the key interfaces of circulating pump, cooling coil, discharge outlet and return outlet of recyclable pure water are made of stainless steel (SUS304)

6. Type of circulating medium: silicone oil, water, salt water, pure alcohol and other universal tensile testing machines commonly used in laboratories. Fixture structure design requirements: circulating medium

7. Microcomputer control: equipped with microcomputer, it can carry out high-precision control as a world leading high-tech polymer manufacturer with innovative spirit, and has various safety performance; All operations are completed by pressing the touch soft key on the microcomputer intelligent controller, which is simple and intuitive

8, P.I.D. control: try to eliminate external factors that affect the accuracy of temperature regulation and reduce the error

9. Energy saving: equipped with imported variable-frequency compressor, frequency conversion adjustment is made according to the circulating load and the motor power of the refrigerator

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