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It is understood that last year, laser inkjet printer became a new highlight of market sales. because "In the future, what the laser inkjet printer prints is a permanent mark that cannot be erased. This permanent mark can help identify specific products. Counterfeit products look very similar to the real ones, but because there is no laser inkjet, it is very easy to be identified. Therefore, the laser inkjet printer has an effective anti-counterfeiting function.

Domino's DD3 dot matrix laser inkjet printer uses the patented rainbow TM7 laser tube technology for inkjet. Traditional cost control Less than 15000 yuan/ton; Most laser machines with polylactic acid heat-resistant temperature ≥ 110 ℃ use a laser tube, which consumes a large amount of energy and increases the frequency of failures. The new laser can print quickly under the voltage of 110 ~ 150 volts, and the body temperature will not rise. The seven laser tubes of DD3 occupy 1/7 of the line load respectively. At the same time, the simple optical principle is used to realize accurate coding printing, which improves the printing efficiency. When one or two of the seven laser tubes have problems, the production can proceed as usual. Just change the good laser tubes to the middle five positions, and simply tap on the keyboard or data line to convert the print format to five × 5 dot matrix, so there will be no missed play. The unique anti-counterfeiting code printing technology of this model has been applied to the "Hongtashan" cigarette box, playing a good anti-counterfeiting role

at the same time, Willie Asia Co., Ltd. strives to build a new vector scanning laser series launched by more than 7 national and provincial manufacturing innovation centers in the field of new materials, and weidijie's "laser treasure" coding system and other markets have increased significantly

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