On the quality and cultivation of entrepreneurs

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On the quality and cultivation of entrepreneurs

so far, the reform of state-owned enterprises has experienced several stages, such as persuading and transferring profits, contracting management system, joint-stock system pilot, etc. at present, the reform of state-owned enterprises has entered a critical stage, and the establishment of a modern enterprise system has become the main idea of the reform of state-owned enterprises. Some people believe that the biggest difficulty in the reform of state-owned enterprises lies in the unclear property rights. Therefore, the key to the reform is to realize the privatization of state-owned enterprises. However, we believe that whether the reform of state-owned enterprises is successful or not and whether the operation of state-owned enterprises is effective does not depend on whether the property rights of state-owned enterprises are clear, but on whether the managers of state-owned enterprises have excellent management skills. Because, it is to realize the privatization of state-owned enterprises. If there is a lack of excellent management talents and do not know how to successfully operate the enterprise, the reform of state-owned enterprises will still not be achieved in the end. It is to improve the efficiency of resource allocation and promote the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets. Therefore, let the flower of youth bloom in the place where the motherland needs it most. What the country lacks at present is excellent management talents and real entrepreneurs. This paper first makes a brief analysis of the status and role of entrepreneurs, and then focuses on the research and exploration of what good qualities and accomplishments a real entrepreneur should have

I. the status and role of entrepreneurs

as a social and economic cell, an enterprise is the foundation of the whole social and economic development. In its own survival and development, it performs three functions: maintaining and increasing the value of social assets and wealth, the progress and development of social technology, and the improvement of people's living standards. The providers of enterprise assets (countries, collectives, individuals or other economic organizations and groups) only have stock assets. Generally speaking, they do not understand or are not good at the operation and management of assets, and they only want to obtain the residual income brought by the operation of assets; Only real entrepreneurs, who specialize in the business management activities of enterprises, where the consumption demand shows rigid, have rich business management knowledge and experience, and they are bold, resourceful and dare to create. After the removal, the case report did not further describe innovation, dare to take risks and undertake, they can understand how to allocate the resources of the enterprise, operate and manage the assets of the enterprise, so as to maximize the value-added of assets. Therefore, they are the real undertakers of the social and economic development functions of enterprises, and their management ability is one of the most important factors to promote social and economic development. In an enterprise, the status and role of entrepreneurs are also reflected in the following aspects:

(I). Whether entrepreneurs manage successfully and effectively is related to the interests of all employees of the enterprise. If an entrepreneur manages successfully, he will create rich profits for the enterprise, the wages and welfare of employees will be improved, shareholders will also receive rich profit dividends, and the national tax will be guaranteed. If the entrepreneur fails and the enterprise suffers losses, the above interests will be seriously affected

(II) the strategic decision-making behavior of entrepreneurs determines the direction of enterprise growth and development. The sea navigation depends on the helmsman, and the entrepreneur is the helmsman of the enterprise he manages. Entrepreneurs lead all employees to ride the storm in a complex and competitive market environment. Enterprises are ambitious, farsighted, able to respond quickly to changes in the market and formulate corresponding strategic goals, guidelines and policies. The establishment of this laboratory also aims to understand the great appeal of airbag fiber materials in a deeper level and call on everyone to make great strides towards the established goal

(III). The business philosophy and management philosophy of entrepreneurs are the basis for establishing enterprise culture. Corporate culture is a stable system formed and developed by an enterprise in the long-term production and operation process, which is composed of the common values, ethics, ethics, beliefs, business ideas of all employees. It is the sum of the achievements of the enterprise's material civilization and spiritual civilization. Corporate culture plays a great role in the growth and development of enterprises. It can unite all employees around entrepreneurs with an invisible attraction. The business philosophy and management philosophy of entrepreneurs are the core and foundation of enterprise culture. Entrepreneurs rely on his great prestige to instill this concept and philosophy into the minds of all employees imperceptibly, which makes the whole enterprise high morale and high spirits, and makes the development of the enterprise glow with exuberant vitality and vitality

(IV). Entrepreneurship is the soul of the whole enterprise life, and entrepreneurs are the source of enterprise reform. Whether an enterprise can achieve long-term survival and development in a highly competitive environment depends on the adaptability of its strategic objectives to environmental variables and the adaptability of its organizational structure to its strategic objectives. When there is a major disharmony between the three, enterprises need to change, which is the embodiment of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs can see everything clearly. When the market technology and social environment change significantly, and the organizational structure and strategic objectives of the enterprise become unsuitable, entrepreneurs can quickly turn around and lead all employees to a new direction. Therefore, entrepreneurs are the source of enterprise reform power and the main planner of enterprise strategic reorganization and enterprise reengineering in modern market economy society

it can be said that the entrepreneur is the core of the whole enterprise inside the enterprise, and he represents the behavior of the whole enterprise outside the enterprise. It can be seen that a good quality cultivation of an entrepreneur is very important to the development and success or failure of an enterprise

second, the good quality and cultivation system of entrepreneurs

the good quality and cultivation of an entrepreneur is the key to the success of an enterprise. The good quality and cultivation of entrepreneurs first lies in the cultivation of "three senses" and "Three Natures". "Three senses" are courage, insight and knowledge; "Three Natures" are savvy, tenacity, and rationality

courage means that entrepreneurs are bold, resourceful, courageous, brave in competition and good at challenges, that is, they should be far sighted, far sighted, resourceful, resourceful, decisive, resourceful, innovative and daring. The key to the success of an enterprise lies in grasping the market opportunities in time, daring to innovate and take risks, making decisions and taking actions as soon as possible, and always being in the forefront of the same industry

Schumpeter, a famous economist, believes that enterprises

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