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Analysis on the quality and investment criteria of printed publications in the intelligent situation

today, with the rapid development of computer networking, there are more and more electronic publications, and electronic journals in the field of science and technology are also developing rapidly in the process of injection molding The emergence of electronic journals is undoubtedly a serious impact on printed journals. For example, Tsinghua University, Peking University and other national key universities have used electronic discs to search and read on the Internet. Some schools have cancelled the Periodical Department, so there is a belief that in the future, all electronic periodicals will be used, and printed periodicals will soon be eliminated, so they do not pay much attention to the subscription and collection of printed periodicals. In China, the construction of printed periodicals is still an important part of the collection construction of most university libraries

in terms of the funds for periodicals ordered by each library, they generally exceed the funds for books, thus forming a pattern of two in one collection of books and periodicals. At present, the proportion of periodicals in the literature procurement funds is still increasing, and its important position in university teaching and scientific research remains unchanged, especially as the reference value of scientific research, it is far more than books. Therefore, the quality of the construction of periodical resources is directly related to the exertion of library functions. The value of printed periodicals in China, printed periodicals will still occupy a dominant position for a long time, and will still develop rapidly. This is because printed periodicals conform to people's usage habits and reading psychology. They are easy to carry and can be read at any time, place and in any way people like. Electronic journals can only be used under certain conditions with special equipment. Because electronic journals need to rely on specific equipment, and the purchase of such equipment requires a lot of money, and they also need to pay a certain communication fee and service fee when using it, it is obvious that they cannot be compared with printed journals in terms of economic factors, especially in a developing country like China, its popularization needs a long process

as a new knowledge dissemination media, electronic publications require users to have a certain level of foreign language, computer knowledge, basic skills and information retrieval ability. A survey shows that students in a comprehensive university can't use computers, students can't search online, and students have no contact. Electronic periodicals are produced on the basis of printed periodicals

electronic journals are the contents of electronic journals produced by processing and refining printed journals or full-text burning. It can be said that there is no electronic journal without printed journals. In terms of reliability and security, Internet. There are many information resources, but there are some shortcomings, such as poor information stability, valuable information is not free, information resources are scattered, the depth of information processing is not enough, there is more guiding information but less substantive information, and network communication costs are high

in particular, security issues are the most worrying. According to reliable information, the United States exports computer systems to China, Its safety level is 5 (level, which is the penultimate security level stipulated by the U.S. Department of defense.

if illegal activities are carried out against China, it will be almost flat, and once an extreme situation occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable.

it is generally believed that the performance of electronic document retrieval is particularly good, in fact, it is not like this. The 567 CD produced by Tsinghua academic CD center provides a search point for the full-text retrieval system, but its recall and precision are both problems, which are used by some people A CD-ROM of culture, the results showed that three articles were retrieved by using keywords, articles were retrieved by using titles, articles were retrieved by using abstracts), articles were retrieved by using citations, and articles were all different. In addition, the authority of antibacterial plastics of electronic publications obtained mainly by adding a little antibacterial agent to the matrix plastics is far from being the same as that of printed publications

throughout the ages, there have been a vast number of printed documents, but most of the documents that have been or will be transformed into digital forms are like morning stars. It is impossible and unnecessary to transform all of them into digital information. The coverage is large, but the printed version is still issued, and the electronic version is not the only information carrier

even in countries where computers are very popular, such as Britain, the United States and Australia, most scholars are still used to using printed publications. Most people think so (of course, it is better to understand the latest trends for electronic documents. It is better to really do learning and research, or printed documents. If the two cannot be combined, the latter is preferred. The principle of continuity and integrity is that the so-called printed periodicals are for electronic periodicals, that is, there are no electronic periodicals. The previous periodicals are hereinafter referred to as periodicals, which refer to a continuous reading material issued by stages, rather than completing the task of publishing and distribution at one time. It can be seen that periodicals The important feature of this desert area with serious vegetation degradation is that the ecological environment has been significantly improved, which is continuity

As a carrier of scientific and technological achievements and scientific research materials, periodicals are important information sources and have high academic value. University Libraries collect professional journals and related journals according to professional settings and scientific research needs to meet the various needs of readers

the use value of periodicals lies in that they can quickly and timely transmit scientific and technological information, including the latest trends, and meet the needs of scientific research. In the long run, they can preserve rich scientific and technological resources and have high preservation value. For a certain kind of journal, the articles published in each issue will be a lot of frugal in terms of Taxation in the future, and the capital contribution is limited and incomplete. After continuous accumulation, its use value will greatly increase, and the integrity and systematicness of the published documents will be highlighted

therefore, for a journal of good quality and high value, if it is incomplete, its use value will be greatly reduced, which is even more fatal for scientific and technological novelty search

therefore, for a certain journal, its continuity and integrity is the primary requirement and the most basic principle. According to this principle, for journals with the greatest use value, We should try to make up for it through various ways (purchase from this journal department. This method has a significant effect on recent publications, but it is not ideal for those published earlier. Exchange with brother units, exchange what they have, learn from each other, and can receive unexpected results. Make reasonable allocation with the department reference room, make full use of the professional advantages of the reference room, make use of copying means to supplement a small number of missing publications, use electronic publications such as CDs or audio-visual, microfilm and other carriers, and even use network resources This method can be applied to the supplement of more periodicals. It is a fundamental measure to carry out interlibrary loan and resource sharing, and it is an important direction for the construction of literature resources, including the construction of periodicals, in the future

systematic principle continuity and integrity are local and micro problems for a certain journal, while systematicness is a problem of overall significance for the entire collection

systematicness for the construction of periodicals means that the university library determines the core periodicals of the discipline and the key periodicals of the library according to the nature, tasks and service objects of the library, selects relevant professional periodicals and general periodicals, and makes the proportion of core periodicals and relevant periodicals, key periodicals and general periodicals adapt to the various needs of readers, that is, the construction of periodicals should be comprehensive and systematic, have characteristics, and highlight the key points, It can also give consideration to the general, suitable for storage and use, scientific and reasonable

therefore, we should fully study the law of readers' needs, formulate long-term plans in combination with the library's collection characteristics and the development prospects of colleges and universities, avoid blindness, and especially do a good job in the relative stability of the construction of core journals, so as to form the collection characteristics, give play to our own advantages in the construction of resource sharing in Colleges and universities, and improve the quality of service for readers. The principle of economic applicability because the price of periodicals rises year by year, but the growth of library funds is slow, resulting in the negative growth of periodical funds in fact. This is a common phenomenon in all libraries, which is highlighted by the sharp decline in the types and quantities of periodicals ordered by all libraries. This is an urgent problem to be solved in the construction of periodical resources

how to reasonably use the limited funds, that is, to maximize the needs of readers under the existing economic conditions, It is particularly important

interlibrary collaboration and resource sharing are the fundamental solutions, but there are still some difficulties. We must confirm different collection principles according to the nature, scale, service objects, etc. of the library, make full use of the cost-benefit ratio, and try to meet the needs of teaching and key scientific research of the school. For documents with few readers and low utilization rate, we should decide whether to choose according to the characteristics of the library. For the literature with few readers and occasional use, we will resolutely stop subscribing or solve it through other ways

on the contrary, the core periodicals in the collection should be guaranteed as a key point, and even a set can be ordered to fully ensure the needs of readers and the characteristics of the collection. Foreign periodicals, especially the original ones, are expensive, which is difficult for general libraries to bear in large quantities. However, as core periodicals, they must be treated cautiously based on the principle of less but better

for foreign periodicals with high general demand, try to adopt measures such as interlibrary lending to reduce economic pressure, while non professional periodicals with low reader demand will not be subscribed in principle

in short, foreign periodicals should rely more on networks to meet the needs of readers. The principle of applicability focuses on short-term needs, giving due consideration to long-term needs, so as to lay a foundation for future development. Print Periodicals Based on the principle of multiple carriers are undoubtedly the main body of periodical construction, but the development of non print periodicals is in the ascendant, especially the rapid increase of electronic periodicals, which has a strong impact on print periodicals

electronic journals have many advantages, such as large storage capacity, small space, pictures and texts, many and very fast retrieval points, conducive to understanding the latest trends, wide coverage, conducive to resource sharing and so on. The electronic version of has been quite popular, and is gradually replacing printed publications, which requires that printed periodicals must maintain an appropriate proportion with other carriers, especially electronic periodicals, cooperate with each other, complement each other, and give full play to their respective advantages

The construction of periodicals is a long-term and basic work. Nowadays, the construction of printed periodicals in university libraries should be based on the rational allocation of literature resources in the whole university, rely on the campus, correctly handle the relationship with other literature resources, and give due consideration to the sharing of regional literature resources, in order to form a reasonably structured, relatively stable, efficient and practical resource system and give full play to its due role

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