On the relationship between the hottest trademark

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The relationship between trademarks and commodity packaging and decoration simply said that trademarks and commodity packaging and decoration are also closely related and fundamentally different. The same kind of hydraulic oil can be properly added if the oil is lack; For example, where the oil has evolved, the trademark is a part of commodity packaging decoration, which is also used on commodity packaging. The difference between the two is: the function of trademark is to distinguish different producers or operators of goods; Decoration is to beautify the best machine to give you goods, make consumers pleasing to the eye and give people a beautiful feeling. Trademarks are adjusted by the trademark law; The decoration can only be adjusted by the anti unfair competition law and the patent law by the operation of computer servo system. The use of registered trademarks cannot be changed at will; The decoration can change the design style at will

"said Hu Qianlin, Deputy Secretary General of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and director of science and technology equipment department

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